Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tonight's Tea

Has gone down very well indeed.  Comfort food of the highest order  and I was ready for it. Toad in the hole with mashed potato, kale, peas and lashings of gravy.

Despite it being a lovely sunny day it has gone colder as the afternoon has turned into early evening.  Dinner has warmed me up on the inside and we have popped the heating on as it is cold in the house today.  I am mindful of keeping the animals warm as well.

It is slow going on the front room  front although I have managed to divest myself of another three large bags of rubbish. (The dustbin is full and is not due for emptying until next Wednesday).  There is also a line of bags next to the dustbin.  We will need to go to the tip on Sunday to get rid of them plus anything else I find inbetween.  All is double bagged and tied up. 

I do not think much will get done tomorrow as I am meeting a friend but it is what it is.  The lady I am meeting tomorrow is the lady who introduced me to OH in the first place.  We have been friends a long time although as is natural in life there have been periods where we have not seen or heard from them and the same with us.  I have genuinely never known a couple quite like them but love them to bits.  Mad as hatters the pair of them.

Right tea has gone down off to potter some more.

Have a lovely evening.

Catch you soon.



At least I have made and am maintaining a start which is the main thing.

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