Monday, 1 March 2021

Kitchen Garden Magazine and Grow Your Own Magazines for April 2021

I managed to get hold of the above publications which I like to have yesterday from Waitrose.  I do not have a subscription to either although I wish I had.

I was delighted to find that between the two magazines there were 22 packets of seeds all told which include the following:

Kitchen Garden Magazine

Paris Silverskin Onions

Calabrese Green Sprouting and Beet Leaf Perpetual Spinach

Tomato Moneymaker and Basicl Classic Italian

Turnip Milan Purple Top and Fennel Romanesco

Hardy Annuals Tall Cut Flower Mix and Celery Green Utah

There is also a packet of Radish White Icicle - forgot to take a photo.

Grow Your Own Magazine

Fennel and Lemon Balm

Cabbage Primo (11) and Broccoli Romanesco

Salad Leaves Fancy Summer Mix and Spring Onion Pompeii

Cucumber Masterpiece and Radish Flamboyant 3

Coriander and Tomato Moneymaker.

Sweet Green Basil and Aubergine Viserba 3

Sow (excuse the pun) I need to get a wriggle on and get those greenhouses sorted in the garden.  Hopefully if the weather holds good will be able to venture out and start the clearing and also putting up the greenhouses again.  One of the storms blew them over.  However I am getting itchy fingers to get going.  When I get a few minutes in the warmer months I often go off into the garden and potter doing a little of this and a little of that.  It is extremely cathartic and soothing and I believe that being outside in nature and in the fresh air is extremely good for each of us health wise.  It also gives you time to recharge your batteries and some peace and quiet.

I also need to get some compost and growing bags.  I already have two rolls of fleece to pop over seed trays.  I have plenty of seed trays in any event and pots.  Really do need a heated propogator at some point.  I also need a hoe and a new rake.  OH bought me a new spade and fork.  I also have my wooden Trugs, a couple of herb ones and a larger one for putting veggies in.  I could do with a larger one yet as my "large" one is really only a medium size.

I have so many ideas I am buzzing, but then common sense and reality kicks in and slow and steady will win the day overall.

Overnight we had cold temperatures here in Peterborough and it has been cold today as well.  No sun today grey and overcast and a little chilly.  Hopefully things will get warmer again soon as I really do want to get out in the garden.

Catch you soon.




  1. Some great free seeds with those magazines - I am tempted, but Tam has just reminded me that these seeds (freebies though they are) will probably end up still languishing in the "to be sown" pile 3 years from now!! Good luck with yours.

  2. Hi BB, I was quite pleased with the selection as I have plans to grow an awful lot in containers again this year and also start plants off for my step-daughter who does not have a greenhouse but who loves gardening so they will come in very useful. I have the two greenhouses that OH bought me last year for my birthday which have blown down and that is what I want to get into the garden for to sort out. Hope you are keeping well and enjoying your new surroundings Take care Tricia xx


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