Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Not much of a post today

Our deliveries came quite early including the one expected yesterday and one we were told would arrive tomorrow.  So that is parcel waiting in for completed for this week.

Our second order for the Cornish Pasties was one of the items we were waiting for and we then delivered to both the children (not going into either house) so they are quickly gone (We buy them 10 at a time).

I had some Croissants for breakfast this morning together with some of the jam I made last night.  It tasted wonderful on the warm Croissants and was very tasty.  The jar I had tipped the jam into was smaller than I had thought and unfortunately I did not have any smaller lids.  As I do not do cellophane tops for jam, I have popped it into a Ziplock bag in the jar and popped it into the fridge.  So that will get used up this week.  I still have 15 jars for the pantry shelf!

OH was offered a cooked breakfast but  he declined and ended up having cheese on toast.

We had the pasties for tea this evening and very nice they were too.

I have been pottering on other projects and I have the Dehydrator on again this time with orange slices in it.  I have also decanted the Kale and also the Spinach into Ziplock bags for the time being until I can sort some of my nice jars which are currently in the shed.  I have also dried a load of fresh chives which kneed chopping and also need decanting into a nicer jar.

As a result of the pasties being delivered I now have another polystyrene box which will come in handy for storing things in that I either want to keep cold or hot.  So both of those are being kept to one side.

Looks like the post on the preserves I have been making for the weekend will have to be in a couple of parts as otherwise it is really lengthy.  

Back to the preserving tasks tomorrow.  Still an awful lot to do but will get there eventually and it is nice to have a good start to the preserves for the pantry for this year.

It has been another grey and miserable day here in Peterborough and it has been very cold.  The warm spell we had over the weekend has spoilt us.  Come on warmer weather I want to get things sorted outside a bit.

I will have a look in the veg shop tomorrow as I am after some more of the dark plums.  I need to make Plum jelly if I can get hold of them so the sooner I can get hold of some the better as I can then start the cooking process and then the dripping process overnight.

Early morning tomorrow I think as I have a lot of preparation work for some of the preserves to do and also to finish some I have already started off.  Even just a couple of pots of this or that make all the difference.  I also intend to make some Apple scrap jelly from the peelings of the apples.  No point in wasting something that can produce something extra for the pantry shelf.

Keep getting stuck in on doing things then being dragged off elsewhere.  Such is life.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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