Monday, 8 March 2021

Postponed Sunday Dinner and research into Antique furniture and Vintage/Antique Rugs

Sunday Dinner was postponed as neither of us felt up to a full meal today.  So we have had a picking day and hopefully we will be having the joint of Beef for tea tomorrow.  I do not see the point in cooking  a full meal with a possibility of it not being eaten, so postponed it is.  I think the culprit to the whole situation is that OH wanted a cooked breakfast this morning and so I duly obliged him with said cooked breakfast.  I personally cannot eat a full cooked breakfast of a morning and then eat a full Sunday dinner at night.  Normally himself can, but today not up to it.  I think I have fed him too well.  Still nothing is lost.  Hopefully we shall enjoy said meal thoroughly tomorrow.  He is not having a cooked breakfast tomorrow!

It has been a very pleasant but quiet Sunday afternoon. I have been pottering on the computer and doing some research into antique furniture and large mats/rugs.  I love both, do not have the finances for either but it is an interest that I am learning about i.e. in what I like and what I do not like.  I also love the vintage traditional large and very large rugs the ones that are big enough to go under a very large dining table.  

I love going to antique shops, charity shops, auctions, anything like that as I love to root around and see what one can find.  It is the searching and finding that I love the most.  I have over the years gathered a few things together.  Vintage cutlery for the table which really started with me inheriting what my Nan considered to be her best cutlery.  She had a beautiful fish knife and fork set as well which I did not get, but I have found a boxed set for myself to add to the collection.  It is the little things like the dressing of the table, the glass knife rests, the little glasses, the frivolous delicate settings that please me most .  My collection of vintage green glass started off with a simple piece to which I have added bits to make up sets to use at the table, not necessarily all the same but mix and match.  Would like to add more to this collection as there are some very pretty pieces.

One of the things I would like eventually is a large mahogany dining table that would sit at least 12 or at least with the leaves to extend the table further if possible.  (Not my photo) Something like this:

Keep having a look around.  No harm in looking.

I think the thing about a big table stems from the fact that my Uncle had a lot of antique furniture and their kitchen table was a large, extendable square mahogany table that you could add extra leaves in.  He had a selection of mis-matched chairs as well that were tall and not easy to climb onto.

Equally when I went to stay at my aunt's home during the summer holidays (at Wellingore Hall), we used to eat mid-day a big cooked meal and a pudding and we all sat around a huge deal table in the kitchen to eat (about six of us). Yet again tall old dining chairs very much antiques here and again mis-matched. There was also a little upholstered child's chair (also antique) in the corner of the kitchen which was where I had to sit whilst auntie was cooking, but also talking to me at the same time.  It is funny what you remember and I suppose being exposed to that kind of furniture and the environment of antiques has stayed with me more than I had realised.  To tell the truth I prefer antique furniture it has a life and soul of its own.  Plus the wood looks so beautiful once it has been polished and buffed.

Oh well one can dream, but then again one never knows just what is around the corner.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.




  1. Word of warning, antique pieces in shops cost a LOT more than buying them from auction. As in, double the price! Truly. Overheads and profit margins and all that. If forced to buy from a shop, ALWAYS ask for the best price and then haggle again. As an antiques dealer, I know the lay of the land, so to speak!

  2. Hi BB, yes am aware. My deceased sister-in-law was a trader (the one that used to take me to the Boot fairs) she showed me the ropes and a lot of my collection of stuff came from this period - I paid a lot less than you normally would. I like to look in the shops though just to see what is about and how it is supposed to look. I always haggle on ticket price though she did teach me that one, although I am no expert. I am tight when it comes to getting nice pieces for next to nothing. x


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