Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Quick Catchup

 It has been a dully grey day here in Peterborough and slightly chilly.

We have been waiting for parcels again today and some consternation was caused as we were led to believe that a particular delivery was due today and when we checked the tracking information, they reckoned it had been delivered.  Eventually got to the bottom of things.  The order had defaulted to a previous order that we had with this company.  So hopefully fingers crossed the delivery will happen on Wednesday.

I have been pottering in the preserves department again and quietly enjoying myself in the process.  I love preserving stuff at the best of times.

Lets just say that I have made two lots of jam thus far.  More is planned but we will not be short of bread and jam if we ever have a situation like we have had with the pandemic.  I am starting to feel a little bit easier.  As I have indicated, I will do a full post on what I have been up to probably at the end of the week,  However I have added another 16 jars of jam to the shelf today alone.

Tonight's tea has been the T Bone Steaks which we bought from Stilton Butchers.  They were massive.

This was the single T Bone steak which I had.  To be honest though it was far too big for me.  It was delicious, however far too much.  I prefer the fillet or the Rib Eye steak as my favourites.  The meat was tender, but as I say far too big.

My smaller steak in the frying pan with OH's mahoosive steak.

Our finished meals.

I have been pottering in the kitchen again this evening.  I have had a bit of a crisis earlier on as I ran out of jar lids (as I thought), but the more I thought about it the more convinced that I had some lurking somewhere.  I was right.  After a bit of a rootle around I managed to find the little terrors so all was saved.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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  1. If you continue to use the new butcher you may have to invest in bigger plates! I used to have digestive problems too and know how miserable it can make you feel. I rarely ate dinner because by then I would feel sick and acid indigestion would often keep me awake at night. What worked for me was getting rid of most fat, sugar and hard to digest foods from my diet, so no meat, no dairy, and lots and lots of fibre. I do occasionally now have some meat or cheese as a treat - venison for Christmas dinner for instance - but stick to a breakfast of high bran cereal and plant milk, which really sets me up for the day with veg soup for lunch - it's amazing how many hundreds of different soups you can make just with vegetables!
    For someone who's off colour you're incredibly productive, doing way more than I manage when I'm feeling fighting fit. Spinach must dry to almost nothing, given how it shrivels up when you cook it; you can probably get a bag's worth of goodness on a teaspoon that way. It's an excellent ides for enriching smoothies as well as hot food in the winter.


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