Thursday, 11 March 2021

Tuesday Catch up

 It has been a very busy day today and I have got several things done and accomplished which will be updated on Part Two of my Preserves update.  However am in for another busy day tomorrow for my sins. One thing tends to lead to another, and end up doing something completely unrelated and and then I end up getting all distracted.

It has been a rough day wind and rain wise like so much of the country.  The wind is currently blowing a hooley and every so often you hear a bang as something is blown over.  Perhaps it is a good thing that the greenhouses are not yet up!

I have a load more stuff in the dehydrator.  I have more chives, mixed veggies and bay leaves.  Tomorrow I have peppers and more Kale to do.

I have also prepped up Asparagus which is also in the dehydrator.  I did go back to the shop to see if they had anymore of the Asparagus but unfortunately they did not.  Not even full price.

I have spent quite a bit of time finely shredding lemon peel tonight. That is a slow old process.  It is a while since I did Lemon marmalade so it takes you a while to remember the little nuances and tricks to doing stuff.  Fortunately I have a very sharp knife but even so it hurts the fingers. To exacerbate matters I had cut my finger earlier in the day on some china and it had cut into the edge of my index finger, where I hold the knife and then with the lemon juice, it was extremely stingy! Everything is now soaking, but I have another batch to do tomorrow and then oranges on top.

I also spent two hours cleaning the cooker up today a really deep clean.  Cleaning cookers is one of those jobs that is on my hated list, but I always make sure I do it.  The other one is ironing!  Necessary evils if you want stuff to cook properly and also your clothes look smart.

It is early days yet, but the regime I have put in place seems to be working with the acidosis and the gastric reflux.  I am back on the Actimel in the morning and then I am having anoter one at about 8pm - together with a mint tea before I go to bed and I have been a lot more comfy and no repeat incidents.  It may not work long term, but at the moment it seems to be working for me.  I like Kefir too.  I have also cut out a lot of drinks like Pepsi (not that I had much) but things overall seem to have calmed down quite a bit fortunately.  I am conscious with the other conditions that I have that I could cause scarring to my oeasaphagus which can then ultimately end up causing problems with swallowing.

I still have not managed to get a net of onions.  Fingers crossed that will happen this week.  I also need another sack of potatoes.

I have managed to do some more work on my crochet squares as well.  That always pleases me as in a small way I am inching further along on a project even though overall it may take some time to complete.  Every little helps as they say.

I am hoping to go for a walk at the weekend and see if I can locate some wild garlic locally as I have some recipes I want to try out.

Right had better get on no peace for the wicked.  It is self-made work which I enjoy at the end of the day and provides well on the food front which is the payback for the effort.

Catch you soon.




  1. I only make marmalade as gifts (and rarely)and cheat and use a tin of Mamade, and add extras to make it special. Saves the wear and tear on the hands! It is way too early for Ramsons here - not even peeking through the soil yet. I hope you get your onions soon.

  2. We love marmalade but I have never made it. I have seen those tins in the stores here (in Canada)....maybe it's time to try it!


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