Saturday, 13 March 2021

Wild and Blustery

Last night and as a result it took me absolutely ages to actually fall asleep.

It is wild and blustery still outside although the sun is out, it is a bit more violent than it was last night.  Sometimes the gust of wind makes the windows rattle and then you are worried in case the windows fall in!  That is what it sounds like anyways.

I was extremely chuffed to have started the lap quilt yesterday.  Apologies to those of you who are not craft-minded, but as well as my cooking and preserving I do love my crafting too.  Unfortunately it tends to be the one thing that gets put off.  I was well chuffed with the progress I made on the stitching as well.  To many of you, it will be so what, it is a craft, what is all the fuss about.  For me getting a full afternoon and evening run at crafting is more or less non-existent.  I enjoyed yesterday so much that I want to get stuck back into the project again now. I have been bitten with the bug of working this particular item and I do not want the passion for that to wane.  I want to get it done and out the way with as much as I can. Unfortunately I am going to be have to be disciplined as I have work to do downstairs first which is not sitting well at the moment, but I have promised myself an evening sewing for tonight and more crafting sessions of an afternoon.  Himself seems to have realised just how much I have enjoyed  this time.  Fingers crossed   however I need to get other things done first.

I have other projects on the go as well such as the crochet blanket(s) I am working on however I am going to try and focus  specific times to those projects as well as to the embroidery projects of which I have a lot.  When the light is good I want to be doing my embroidery work making the most of the natural light where I can.  In the evenings I can work the crochet if time is short or even if it is too dark.  Sometimes it is also a matter of juggling what time I do have with what I can actually achieve.  If there is hardly any time then I am more than likely to pick up the crochet just to get something done.  However this also depends on whether or not I have the correct wools etc in house.  If not then will go and work on another project until I can replenish the materials.

I will do a further catch-up on the kitchen shenanigans later on, things have moved on a ittle more to what they were.

I have not cooked tea tonight.  We decided to have a selection of things, like, ham, cheese, beef, bread and butter and condiments.  It made a very nice change from a cooked meal.  We do not do badly on the food front at all so sometimes it is good to simplify things.

We have a small pork roasting joint for tea tomorrow, but I am going to have to go to the shop to get some veggies.  I went out earlier on for some bits, and could not quite manage to carry the veg as well so shall go and get that tomorrow.

I have managed to do a little more work on my embroidery and it is working up quickly at the moment.  I intend to do a little more later on but I am going to potter for a bit before setting too and doing more.

Hope everyone else has had a good day.

Catch you soon,



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  1. I really enjoy hearing about your crafting projects! It motivates me. I also enjoy the cooking, canning and organizing that you do! You're a busy lady and I really enjoy your blog.


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