Monday, 5 April 2021

Think I have been hacked

 Just to let everyone know, I think my account has been hacked.  If you have received any email messages from me especially in relation to helping out paying for something, please do not respond to it.  I have not sent any such emails.

I have as a result been addressing security issues generally.




  1. I decided it was a hack, so didn't open it. These things are irritating! But not blaming you

    1. Thank you Angela. I was extremely irritated as it stopped me doing something else. However am extremely grateful for those kind readers who notified me. I am so sorry for any inconvenience caused to anyone. Not sure what caused it as nothing showed up on the McAphee antivirus or other protocols I have in place. Hope you and hubby are keeping well. Take care Tricia x

  2. I thought it didn't sound like it was from you.

    1. Very un me. I am hoping it is now sorted x

  3. Thanks Dawn, Hopefully have this sorted now, but it has caused a lot of work. Hope you are okay. Tricia x


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