The Past few days

 Have been a tad busy with cleaning, and sorting things out in the little study/craft room where the boiler is and the dining room and the kitchen in order for a gas inspection.  Everything has passed well and in the process I have also got rid of a lot of junk.  I did not go to bed Thursday night and then after the inspection yesterday I flopped and slept the sleep of the dead.  Slept for over 12 hours, and did not know which day it was or the time but mission accomplished gas inspection successful.  I now have room in the dining room in which to finish "turfing" the Pantry out, and then getting it cleaned and squared up in readiness for painting and then eventually re-stocking the Pantry.  I have a lot of stuff in the dining room that is meant for the Pantry and it would be good to get it in there so I can actually see what I do have in stock.  I can then re-stock appropriately.  I have always been a keen one for bringing in basic items that I use on a regular basis but I do have a lot more items that were not readily accessible and which now are.  That should free up two large boxes which can then be put into use elsewhere.  Probably for my UFO crafting projects initially and then once that is achieved, I can then decant items from other rooms that do not have specific homes for easy accessibility.  I am thinking of linen, bedding etc. Ideally would love an old fashioned Linen press

To say that I was shattered after my "all nighter" is an understatement and I do not intend to do it again as it does not do me any good in the greater scheme of things.  At the moment I am trying to put self-care into the equation which I have not been doing for a little while now and it needs to be addressed.

I have also received my Ultrasound appointment from the hospital which is scheduled for Sunday 19th February in relation to  my arm rotation issue.  Not bad going three weeks from seeing the Consultant.  I must say that I am being well looked after by my Consultant and our local hospital and staff.  My arm has become more difficult to move since the appointment with my Consultant; all the worse as it is my dominant arm.

Today therefore I am not doing very much just chilling.

I have a fruit loaf in one of my bread machines and a large plain white loaf in the other. The "Bakery" is in operation let us see how things turn out.

I have had one of the Panasonic machines since new.  One of my problems was that often we wanted more items and it took ages for the machine to become empty.  When I saw the same model machine for sale in the Charity shop for £5, I am afraid I snapped it up.  Although older models, they still do the job and I certainly cannot afford to buy a new one at the moment. I also have a smaller machine from my Mum but that is minus its plug at the moment.  I am also going to try hand-making again and the Sourdough.  Sorting out things is certainly paying dividends or it certainly will when I have the Pantry all sorted and easy to access items.  

The fruit loaf turned out extremely well apart from one slight problem. The fruit did not empty from its tray in the machine which it is supposed to do when it gets to a certain stage in the automated process. Still the fruit bread is spiced and is very nice, but it would be all the better if it had some fruit in it. I have popped another loaf on and hopefully the fruit tray will cooperate this time. The recipe is for a medium sized loaf.

The plain loaf however is an XL size and that has also come up extremely well.  That is still cooling and will try that tomorrow.  Have popped another one of these on and tomorrow I will be making some buns for sarnies and something else.  Decided not to do Croissants as am low on butter.

We have had a Chicken curry for tea tonight.  Very tasty and filling as usual.  Today I used a mixture of reduced chicken thighs and chicken breast.  It was very tasty as usual.

It has been a colder day here today and it is getting chillier.  OH finished the stew off from the other day at dinner.  I had looked at making some Naan bread for myself but unfortunately, and peculiar to me, I do not have any plain natural yogurt inhouse at the moment.  Hopefully that will be rectified during the week.

Just keep safe and warm wherever you are.

Catch you soon.




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