I have been cleaning again today.  Slowly, very slowly starting to get on top of things.  The Hallway has been scrubbed out today walls and skirting boards included.  The study, under the stairs, the dining room and the kitchen.  Floors have been scrubbed, stuff has been put away.

Loads of washing done, but as I no longer have a working tumble dryer trying to get stuff dried inside is proving to be a bit of a challenge.  Pantry still needs finishing will set about that on Saturday.  That has to be washed out, some shelves need re-arranging as I want a different set up.  The Pantry then needs painting out.  Once this is done I should then be able to get all food items into the pantry and out of the way.

The oven has been scrubbed out.  Deep clean job with the glass coming out of the doors.  OH has to assist with that as I am rubbish at trying to remove stuff at the best of time.  I get the cleaning bit!

Dinner has been a repeat of yesterday.  Must say it has gone down very nicely indeed.  Very warming and very filling.  Still a load left but that will be consumed in due course.  Probably for mid-day lunch as it is a proper warmer upper.

Hopefully will get to do a load of baking over the weekend as well.

Right must get on.

Catch you soon.




  1. Your house must be spotless and you must enjoy cleaning far more than I do!! At the moment I'm happy to just keep the housework ticking over - I'm not in the mood for deep cleaning, and although I have two more bedrooms to redecorate, I'm not in the mood for that either.


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