Today has been a little better

 than yesterday was overall, however am still not 100%.  Think it is the "colder" weather starting to impact.  I always feel it worse than everyone else. However I have wrapped up, and have pottered a little today.

Went to Waitrose to do a little shopping.  Had noticed that Waitrose were advertising reductions on their own line products.  Have come home with a large chicken for tomorrow night's Sunday dinner for about £5.50.  Also bought fresh veg which I was quite low on.  I tend to save little bits of this and that in the fridge, as you never know when you may have cause to use it. Today I purchased Cauliflower, Swiss Chard, Cavolo Nero, petit-pois, carrots, leeks and Broccoli.  I have onions and potatoes inhouse so should be able to scuttle together a good hearty meal for tomorrow. I might actually make a chicken pie for Monday night. I will now make stock on Monday, with three carcasses rather than two so hopefully will be able to get a really good stock made from these.

I have been in the kitchen today and done a little more.  Will be back in tomorrow - have a whole load of chores to do, but I want to get away with not really having to do a load on a Sunday and have it as much as possible as a free day if I can.  Not this Sunday though. It is going to take some organising, but that is what I am going to aim for.  We normally on a Sunday have Sunday dinner at tea time.  I may go back to doing dinner for 1pm and then doing a little tea on a Sunday evening.  Would like to do this as I do miss this little routine.  It is going to take some time to achieve I feel; something to aim for though. However now the autumn-winter months are starting to pull in there are a lot of projects that I want to achieve and so I am going to need the time to realise this.  I am going to have to go back to making lists again so that I can keep tabs on what have done and what is yet to be done and what I would like to get done.  I will probably start this again from tomorrow.

Meanwhile I have a few pumpkins to stitch up.  More on that soon.

Catch you soon.

Hope you have a lovely evening.




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