We have been to the unit to collect some more items sort them out, and then either sell or charity shop those items depending on what we want to do with them.  So quite a bit has gone on this morning although not really much to show for it at the moment.  

Washing was also hung out, more washing done, and some stuff that was bought back from the unit also needed washing.  That has also been accomplished.

G has also sorted out the new light for the kitchen.  Hopefully that will go in sometime during the week and put a different complexion on things.

We have also made some long-term decisions today which will be more a work in progress than anything else, but something to try and accomplish at the end of the day.

After getting back from the unit, did a couple more loads of washing, and got the washing on the line.  Now tipping it down.  Some you win and some you lose.

Physio day again and put through our routine.  Overall my arm is slightly better although still a long way to go.  Today it hurts quite badly, and I felt the impact of the exercises.  This evening I feel drained and not much energy left but it is what it is and I do feel that the exercises are helping with the arm.  Very subtle but the discomfort seems to have lessened although not always and I am able to get on with stuff most days. Its also helping with the bat wings.  Well one has to look on the positive side of things.  Saying that I am going to be putting my feet up tonight.

Still raining here, think it is set for the night and keep hearing thunder rumbling away as though it is doing circuit training.

Will probably do a bit of knitting which have not managed to touch for a good few days.

Right am off to put my feet up.

Catch you soon.




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