Making the Most of What you have

We were fortunate to have for dinner yesterday a Roast chicken, with roast potatoes, roast parsnip and roast onion.  Served with carrots, broccoli, peas and cauliflower. Lots of gravy and it went down very nicely.  I cooked it in the Ninja on roast function for 1 hour, and then took the chicken out to rest.  Then continued with the finishing off of the roasties.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and decided to repeat the process today, especially with it being cold. 

So off G went and got another chicken.  There is a bit of strategy in the madness of this which I will explain below.  I have stripped the chicken and have half a bowl of shredded chicken for my efforts.  This will be used as the basis for the chicken stew.  With the chicken left over from tonight's chicken, together with the remains of the vegetables yesterday, I intend to turn this into a chicken pot pie.  I will make pastry tomorrow for this, a top and a bottom and then in a pan mix the leftover veggies and meat with the leftover gravy and some cranberry sauce in layers in the pastry base and then add on the top.  That should do us for a couple of days, served either with some mashed potato and gravy or some homemade chips. With two chicken carcasses I can then make a nice good for you stock.  With that stock, I can make lots of good soups and stews.  At the moment I have in mind, a chicken stew, which can then if there is anything left be converted with some more stock into a chicken noodle soup. Taking a leaf from the past here, by making good food go a little bit further.

I have also prepped up the carrot, leek, onion for the stock making.  I have also prepped up a small bowl of leftover veg to be possibly used in a Broccoli and Cheese soup.  Just making use of what I have to hand at this present time.

Tea tonight was delicious again in any event plus plenty to make the most of.  Very simply done in the Ninja on roast/bake mode for 60 minutes.  Roasties browned off a bit more for another 15 minutes.  All cooked with no extra fat, all comes from the chicken itself.  The stock in the base of the pan is also used in the gravy so really a lot of goodness out of one chicken, plus you get the stock afterwards.

Without the gravy

with the gravy

I also plan when I make the pastry tomorrow for the pie, to also make an apple pie, egg custard, rice pudding. I still have lots of bottled fruit on the Pantry shelf and so I shall serve one of these with the rice pudding to ring the changes. Thinking Strawberry here at the moment as will get the Strawberries and the syrup. Apple pie will be served as pudding later on in the week and will keep in the fridge as will the egg custard.  The egg custard can be served in slices cold though.  It has been a while since I have made one of these so I think will make a nice change.

Hope everyone has a lovely evening.

Catch you soon.




  1. I have turkey stock simmering at this moment. I know you don't have a freezer so you can't do this, I freeze bones and vegetable and aromatic bits. When I have a bagful of each I make stock. I have a section of my freezer filled with stock. I can get carried away. All the food you listed sounds wonderful. I need to make a pot pie.

    1. Hi Sandra, I used to do what you do on a regular basis. It is the way to go if you have access to a freezer or freezers. I do miss mine as I used to do an awful lot. However, I have taken to processing in jars stock wherever I can. I only have Ham stock on the shelf at the moment and I had planned on getting this batch of chicken stock into jars for the shelf as well. Not sure will have enough at the end of the day but may get a couple of jars out of it for the shelf. Fingers crossed and toes plaited. It is so useful. I make it without salt as that way you can use it universally in sauces as well as in stocks, soups and gravies etc. I am just trying to keep food on the plate that is warming with what I have to hand and trying not to waste anything and make things go that little bit further. Have been derailed on what was going to do today (just put another post up explaining) and so am now off for a session in the kitchen as I have pastry to make which is my Nemesis along with stock, stew and pie. Take care sweetie and have a lovely evening. Tricia x


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