Wednesday Pottering

Last night was the best night's sleep I have had for a while and it was a morning where I would have been quite happy to stay in the warmth and not have to get up. I set three alarms just in case I did not hear them and left the phone so I had to get out of bed.

It was very chilly when got up and still chilly when left for the hospital.  Had to go out wrapped up to the nines to keep warm. Eventually got to the Hospital to see my Physio for an update.  Back again at the end of December.  Have been given some new and different exercises to incorporate.  A lot of the discomfort I am getting in the top of the shoulder apparently is directly linked to the fact that one of the Tendons has completely ruptured and there is damage to the other three (which I was not aware of). Do not do things by halves me!

The initial difficulties I had with the arm going out to the side and being raised are not the issue at the moment. Movement is completely smooth as it should be. This time it is to do with forward movement and lifting of the arm to the front and upwards. I have movement elsewhere just not to the front! Part of this she thinks is due to the fact that it is winter (artho etc.), part of it may never get back to "normal" but like me, she thinks that it would be good if I can get that forward movement again; without any extreme discomfort which I had managed to achieve going to class.  E suspects it is tendonitis/bursitis (have had this before), but shall carry on with the stretching exercises, using the bands and carrying on with what have been doing. Weight lifting with my right arm on the counter top and using a can of baked beans is very different!  Must say Ellen is incredibly supportive and realises that I am intent on getting this improved as best as I can.  I am just someone who pushes the barriers in wanting to know why things are happening and knowing what to do for the best.  If you know what you are dealing with and the boundaries you can still make improvements but safely. I am doing various other upward arm exercises as well all in an effort to gain that free flowing movement of the arm all around.  I am stubborn and do not give in easily either.  I get down every so often but that is something that comes along with long term conditions.  Overall though I just do not give in!  So have recovered some movement since last time which is a positive.  E will still be keeping her beady eye on me until things are more fluid and then it will be down to self-care.  The exercises are going to be part of my routine for the rest of now. I do however still think further movement can be achieved.  Will keep at it.  Never say Never!

Anyway, after coming home and having breakfast, then set too back in the Dining Room again.  Managed to get started on the Dresser. I want this room sorted so that we can move through easily. It needs doing anyway.

I have also located some of my Brown Bag Cookie Moulds as well as three different sized Bears (not Brown Bag) which I am going to use for having a go at some homemade Gingerbread.  Have never made this before, and would like to try.  Will have to see how things go.

Tea tonight was Toad in the Hole with a little mashed potato and veggies.  Another proper hot good meal.  Have made the Broccoli and Blue Cheese soup as well.  We can have that when we fancy it - probably tomorrow lunchtime with some wholemeal bread for dunking.

Also have roasted some pumpkin in order to do something further with that probably tomorrow.

It is another bitterly cold evening again here.  Just keep warm and safe wherever you are.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hope your shoulder mends. Happy Holidays.


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