Despite the toothache which has dulled a little now to what it was although I am still on the Paracetamol, I have been endeavouring to do a little here and there.  Could not settle this evening and so have ventured into the front bedroom.  Starting to clear some rubbish and get some of the stuff that should be in drawers back in there.  Not a lot done, but each time get to something like this it takes time - an awful lot of time.  However it needs doing.  Thought putting some items away that could be would help clear a bit more so that I can see what I am actually doing. I have however found my new potato chipper which I have been looking for for sometime. Everything has ended up getting moved or re-arranged for different things and in all honesty I haven't a clue where a lot of stuff is and I know some of the stuff is in the unit. Have also found more cook books.  I need to sort those into a pile and decide whether they are ones for my collection overall or whether I will let them go.  I did find one of my Farmers Weekly books which is a vintage book and which is not going anywhere. It opens up a window on the past and how things used to be done then and still has some very good recipes in that are still relevant in this day and age.

I also found a little wooden carved box which I keep some of my dress jewellery in.  One of the pieces I found tonight took me back to when I was about 11 years of age.  My Great Aunty Ivy passed away and what little belongings she had were split between the immediate family.  There were a couple of broken necklaces that belonged to her.  No chains.  One I found a chain for but the other I saw the potential and turned it into a choker for wearing to school discos.  I found a piece of blue velvet ribbon and stitched the necklace onto it.  Funny that I still have it some 55 years later.  I still feel very young inside it is just that the body does not co-operate at times.  The little box needs some attention as well and so I will put it on my project list.  I have started writing one so that I have some idea of what I have to do.

At present, the kitchen is the room where focus is at and will be for some time to come.  G has started painting in there.  He is doing it in very small segments.  What a difference a bit of white paint makes.  On the side-lines therefore I will continue on like this doing a bit here, getting rid of a bit of rubbish there, sorting out the bags where contents were bundled together in an effort to keep them in one place, but which are not in their right place in an effort to very slowly and very gradually start to tame the contents of the front bedroom.  Some of the bags have crafting materials in and so will need marrying up with where they should be in any event.  I have my work cut out, but like the Pantry I shall continue onwards.  My intention is to get as much as I can get done this year in the house and possibly a bit in the garden as well.

Tonight a few scarves, hats, ear warmers were popped into the relevant drawer in the bottom of my wardrobe.  It will be shuttle systems and then when everything is sorted everything will be re-sorted drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard so that I can find things again.

I have also found fabric which has been sorted into a pile and I will revisit that another time.  I have projects in mind for some of this.

The airing cupboard for the house was originally off the front bedroom but when the new boiler was put in, that was put in the small bedroom and the hot water tank was taken out completely.  I lost my bread proving area as a result.  However keen to make the most of the cupboard I turned it into a small hanging wardrobe for a lot of my tops and jackets.  I do however need to source a shoe rack for in there as there are too many pairs in the bottom of the wardrobe.  Will therefore have to see what I can find that will be suitable for in there.  

I shall be pleased if I can reclaim the house little by little and sort things out properly.  Even if it is only an hour here or there every little bit will help at the end of the day and move things on slowly but surely in the background.  Multi-tasking again.

Today we have had the remnants of the Cottage Pie for tea.  It has been another cold evening, and it went down a treat.  Tomorrow though we have roast pork and all the trimmings.  Looking forward to that as I like roast pork.  Also have a jar of Crab Apple jelly to use as sauce tomorrow as well.  I love Crab Apple jelly.

Hoping I get a good night's sleep this evening.  I crashed out last night and did not get up very early.  Oh I was tired!

Hope everyone has had a lovely evening.

Catch you soon.




  1. I enjoy reading this as I can relate to what you say. I have spent 3 years with chronic pain and very limited mobility. Therefore, things have got out of whack around here. I am slowly regaining some mobility and have been on a medication that has reduced the pain. So, I relate very much to what you are doing. I haven't dug in as much as you have yet, but I'm starting. I'm a bit of a control freak, so you can imagine how the disarray around me is affecting me! I was in such a stupor that I really didn't notice, or perhaps care. Reading your daily journal is very motivating for me. I wish us both success!

    1. Sandra, if you give me your email address will email you direct about the pain thing. Hugs and commiserations long term pain is an absolute killer. Hugs Tricia xx


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