When Life Gives you Lemons

 try and go with the flow where you can.  To add insult to injury I ended up with raging toothache last night and ended up with very little sleep.  Tooth hurty calmed down after a couple of pain killers and I promptly fell asleep.  So I have been a little under par.  Fortunately it has subsided for the time being (and I have not had to repeat any pills) but will probably have some before retiring to bed later on.  It has not stopped me from pottering about.  I have cooked Cottage Pie for tea this evening which I am looking forward to as I am hungry.  Ran out of Lea & Perrins so sent G out for a new bottle.  Tea was quite tasty and there is enough for tea tomorrow evening as well.

G came back with said L & P and some supplies on the snack front.  Has topped up with the Salsa dip (3 pots - am increasing my jar stock slowly as well as using some - have one jar left over from last month's purchase of 3 jars) and the Doritos (also 3 packets) so that he has something to snack on of an evening if needed. He has a far bigger appetite than I have. G has equally stocked me up on Mini Cheddar cheese biscuits which I like for snacking on and some Actimel (which I have as part of my breakfast routine). So that is very practical and useful.  He forgot about my coffee drinks, hopefully when he goes next time.

It has been colder here today and I can feel the temperature dropping here again tonight, quite considerably compared to last night.  Must say that a month after starting to use a second hot water bottle on my shoulder has certainly eased my arm down an awful lot.  Some discomfort but I am continuing to exercise, but far more comfortable than I have been.  Long may it carry on.

Right short and sweet tonight.

Have a lovely evening everyone.

Catch you soon.




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