Operation Front Bedroom from Saturday and Sunday evening - Days Five and Six

This is definitely going to be a long-term project for the foreseeable but I will work through it as quickly as I can. Each bit I do clears a bit more. Charity bag has been started and is filling up.

Saturday Evening

Was a bit of a stinker due to the fact that all the space I had cleared is now covered in coat hangers.  I now need to find somewhere to put these.  Will need the hangers for the pile of ironing downstairs. That will come in due course. More stuff on top of the wardrobe though and have found no end of crafting stuff which I cannot do anything with at the moment. I need to locate a box to put that into. I have decided though that I am going to stop and do some sewing probably tomorrow afternoon/evening to get some of that started and out of the way with.  Equally if the weather is good I intend to go into the garden for a couple of hours each day whether that be first thing or after tea each evening.  Need to get a break away from it every day so that I do not get totally overwhelmed with it.  As I have said if it is getting to me I shall do something totally different.  Although a stinker, some progress has been made but by the very nature of sorting stuff out, it has been slow, but organisation is coming!

I have also located a couple of more pieces of vintage embroidery which came to me second hand.  These pieces need pressing on the back with the front of the embroidery down into a towel and then steamed.  This helps raise the embroidery off the material it is worked on and gives a slightly different look; almost three dimensional.  These also need framing.  When I can get to them I do have some frames which I think will be ideal for these pieces.

I have also found my boxed paints set which I am pleased about as at some stage I want to have a play.  Art never was my forte but it is on the list for me to play about with.


Was woken up early.  This time it was not the dog causing early morning manoeuvres but a G.  He could not sleep and so because he could not sleep he decided to get up at 5:00am to play on his computer!  Aargh I had only been asleep a couple of hours as I had trouble nodding off.  In the end I drifted off again.  Dawn was only creeping through and I was awake for the first birdsong - still no Cockerel so whether someone has complained and the bird has been removed am not sure.  In any event I was awake again at 8:00am.  Suprise, surprise G wasn't.  So I quietly moved around until I ended up disturbing him.  I went to get my breakfast and a cuppa - he did not want one then and fell back asleep.  The cat was out for the count as was Missy, who is a lot better after her hiccup during the week. They all woke up about 10:00am and have all now had their breakfasts including G.

I have since been in the bedroom and tackled two big bags of pesky coat hangers.  They are now down with the Laundry - I am getting geared up for doing the ironing and then getting the clothing into its relevant, drawer, cupboard or wardrobe.  l have also sorted out a couple of bin liners out with bits and bobs in.  Most of it is needlework stuff and that has been decanted into a smaller box for the time being until I can go through everything and get it in proper order and so that I know where everything is. Have found a couple of patchwork rulers which I knew I had and my small embroidery snippers.  So am very chuffed about these.  The floor which looked a wreck last night is slowly getting cleared - update it is now messed up again.  This is how it goes.

It has been a scorcher of a day today; too warm really for doing out the bedroom, but this is an old house and it does tend to be a lot cooler even in the summer months where I would scorch outside.  I am waiting to go out later to start bagging up the chopped  up Holly.  Even if it takes me a couple of evenings or longer to do it, every little helps right.

Have found some of my vintage bed-linen.  It had been in a box but that has split.  This has all be added to the washing pile.  Probably will not happen this week but next week it will get done.  Have to prioritise and I have already washed some stuff which is in the ironing pile so that can wait.

Found another part-knitted jacket which I am pleased about. I had started it a really long while ago.  You work with three different yarns at the same time to produce a multi-coloured tweedy effect.  This one is a sage green, cream and a tan colour so will go with most things.  Have just lost one of the needles which happens to be a really large size so cannot continue with that until I locate the missing pin. I think the knitting pattern itself is on the bookshelf in the front room. I have a stash of knitting needles some from my Nan, my Mum and G's mum.  A lot of them are old vintage sizes but that should not be a problem as I have a gauge somewhere.  Need a box for all the knitting paraphernalia too.  My past life catching up with me. I am hell bent on writing a new script!  The knitting needles in the past were often pulled out to play sticks with! Well needs must!

More fabric found mostly for tablecloths that sort of thing and some for a blouse. I was going to try and do some sewing tonight, however it will be one night during the week as I have far too much to do and want to clear a bit more yet.  Then I can cruise on the machine.

The reality is that in order for me to move forward have got to do something with what I have.  It is the basis for everything I am trying to achieve at the moment.

I am sorry if I am driving everyone witless with this, but this really is a diary for me and the progress being made.  Am trying to be really positive about things rather than overwhelmed.  I know there will be "black days" but I am still trying to minimise them and move forward.

My heart wants to be down in Cornwall but at the moment that is not possible so may as well make the most of the time and get my butt into gear until we can get away for a break!

Tea tonight, I was going to do a proper meal, but because it is so warm and neither of us fancied a full on meal, we are therefore having chicken, homemade chips and bread and butter.  That should do nicely.

Hope everyone has had a lovely day and also has a lovely evening.

Hopefully will catch up tomorrow.

Catch you soon.




  1. You have really accomplished a lot this past week - but I know - sometimes it just seems endless. My bedroom is the last room that needs done in my apt. and some days all I seem to do is shuffle things around! But - today, I did manage to rotate most of the Summer and Winter clothes so that is a big accomplishment! Had to do it as it is going up to nearly 30C tomorrow! But - need to leave out a few sweaters and long sleeved tops as it will go back down to around 17C in another week or so. May tends to be like that over here - very changeable.

    Try not to overdo it too much this week.

    1. Hi Margie, there is so much to do. Over 30 years worth of decluttering. Rome wasn't built in a day which is why am taking it piecemeal for the foreseeable. Fortunately segmenting bits seems to be working. We have had some very warm days the past few days. Gives me more energy if the Sun is not too hot! Take care Tricia x


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