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Last evening: 

After having tackled my fabric basket in the front room I went down into the kitchen to see how the paint was drying. There were some patches which I was not happy about after the first coat of paint and so I set too with the paintbrush.  G has been painting on and off for most of the day in different areas but predominantly the ceiling.  He has not been using a roller brush as the ceiling is textured and he seemed to be achieving a better finish on it with the paintbrush. His back has also had enough of being up and down the ladder.  So putting my money where my mouth is I took up the challenge of the paintbrush. G was very okay with this!  I blame my Mum for this one as I have always been brought up with a have a go attitude.  When I was a teenager Mum decided that we were going to paint my bedroom out whilst my Dad was at work (Dad normally did painting - Mum the wallpapering).  By the time Dad came home from work, my bedroom had had two coats of paint, had dried and we were in the process of re-filling the bedroom. It was not the biggest of bedrooms but big enough. Dad was expecting to do the decorating when he got in from work and had a nice surprise as a result.

My meagre efforts today have evened out the paintwork a little bit. I am no expert but believe it or not I like having a go.  It does not phase me at all.  Unfortunately the plasterwork in this house is not particularly brilliant despite patching, but it is now lovely and clean and looks it which is important to me.  I still think it needs another coat of paint though. 

The idea behind me getting stuck in last night is that I have a heck of a lot to do and I get a bit twitchy when I know there is stuff to do and I cannot get on with it.  I thought that if I gave the paintwork an extra coat tonight and then inspect it in the morning - if it needs further touching up that can be done first thing and then fingers crossed by the end of the day I should be able to restock the tops of the cupboards to get stuff out of the way in order that I can start sorting out the bathroom.

We are slowly getting projects sorted. Very slowly but at least it is movement and going in the right direction. The Pantry is fully painted out. The back door entry has been painted out.  The back door entry does need another coat of paint but I may see to that tomorrow evening once all traffic stops down there. It is not a particularly big area.

The Little room/toilet has also been painted out.  The main part of the bathroom does however need plaster filling and needs a full paint out.  It will be lovely to get this completely done.  Once I have it cleared, scrubbed out and things put away G can then get stuck in here whilst I get on with something else in the house.

Once these rooms are completed, I can then consider decorating the dining room.  This will be wallpapered and I intend to have a go at this.  Never had a go before so that should prove interesting. I already have the wallpaper.

However I will be doing lots of other things in the bedroom in particular before then with sorting out and getting things relocated etc.


Has been predominantly grey and damp.

On checking my painting efforts from yesterday evening, this has corrected much of the patchiness of the paintwork and I am now reasonably content with it.  There might be the occasional touch up here and there in the rest of the room but certainly above the cupboards is more than okay now.  G is still painting in the rest of the room and so it has been limited to just sorting this upper layer out and me tidying up the worktop today.  Things are slowly moving forward but speed is not necessarily the name of the game on this project.  It is being happy enough with how things are turning out.  It will never be perfect because of the plasterwork but it looks far tidier than it did.

I have however not been able to get on much today so I made a unilateral decision and decided to cook.

We are having roast chicken tonight for tea.  Am serving with roast potatoes, roasted shallot, roasted parsnip, Yorkshire pudding, Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots and homemade potato dauphinoise.  Just basically using up "bits and Bobs" that have in the fridge. Only have a few bits to use up now.

Tea was lovely and the bonus is that we have a repeat performance tomorrow too. That was followed by homemade rice pudding and that was yum too.

Tomorrow is another day and I should be able to get the tops of the cupboard all filled up again tomorrow and to start working on the contents of the bathroom.  At least the food is all sorted for tomorrow.

Hopefully at some point I will get to do a little bit of baking.

Have a lovely evening everyone.

Catch you soon.




  1. I admit that painting and decorating is not my strong suit - even though I was the child always sent in to help dad with this sort of thing. It will be lovely to have it all finished.
    Your dinner looks amazing - it had been very hot last week so I had turned to salads but it has been raining and cool the past couple of days so a pot of soup with lots of veg, some shredded chicken was spiced up with some curry and turmeric along with some coconut milk and has been very tasty. If it stays cool I think I will make some rice pudding before the end of the week.

    1. Hi Margie, I am having to play shuffle to get a lot of stuff done. Still a long way to go. I used to help my Dad too. Dinner was tasty. Been cool here the past couple of days too. I love soup and could quite happily have everyday but my partner is not keen. Your chicken soup sounds divine. Take care Tricia xx


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