Tuesday Evening/Wednesday

Tuesday Evening

Things did not pan out as I had hoped.  I ended up doing stuff in the back bedroom to tidy things up a bit rather than being in the front room as it was getting decidedly dodgy limbo dancing through the boxes.  Fortunately no boxes were horrified or collapsed in fright during the process!  I did have an early night as I was tired and my back has been whinging unfortunately we ended up with a restless night's sleep as one's Jack Russell decided that deepest darkest night was the time to go on night manoeuvres.  We got her settled eventually but it was about 3:30am by that time.  


You will not be surprised to hear that I overslept this morning as a result.  I was royally cream-crackered.  First off dealt with checking the washing I left on the line overnight - all dried so all bought in.  Next line full was hung out and the next wash put on.  Been doing this on and off all day.

Then dealt with breakfast for everyone and by the time I got sorted out to actually start some serious work, it was 2:00pm.

Therefore a change of plans for today.

Today as a result I have not been in the front bedroom at all.  I have been in the Study/Craft/Computer room and have only just finished i.e. 10:30pm. Hence the lateness of this post. I have stripped the room out and taken out all unnecessary items as had managed to accumulate a few too many things since the last clear up which was making it difficult to do anything and work at the same time.  It has had a very good scrub out and is all nice and clean now.

I have also popped an embroidered vintage picture into a hand wash and soak this evening.  It is worked on linen and after rinsing I hope to get this out on the line again tomorrow to dry.  Then it will be ironed on a soft towel with the front of the embroidery facing the towel.  This when ironed over will help raise the embroidery off its backing and give it a 3D effect.  Once pressed I will then spray on some spray starch to help stiffen up the piece and given a new backing board.  It will then be reframed in a new frame.  Well that is the plan.  This is the second piece to be re-framed.  I did one a little while back.  I am going to try and work through quite a few of the vintage pieces I have with a view to creating a gallery wall on the staircase.  I have some lovely pieces to deal with.  This is the piece I am in the process of preparing.

This is the next one on the list after this one has been completed:

I am equally cream-crackered again tonight.  I will be happy to flop into bed tonight as my back is not very happy.  However, it will be upwards and onwards again tomorrow.  Will not be back into the front bedroom as first I need to do some sorting in the back room.  That is likely to take me most of the day.  However, it should make things easier for when I go back into the front bedroom which is looking like it will be Friday now.

And of course if I get bored there is always the ironing pile!

Have a fun one.

Catch you soon.




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