Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The £1 Shop

We are lucky in Peterborough in that we have two or three £1 shops. The one I utilise the most is down Bridge Street in Peterborough opposite our old Woolworths for those local to Peterborough. It is a mine of offers all for a £1 - it is very much you pick up what they have in on the day but they do on a regular basis have certain basics they keep in although the names may change. They also do a selection of the old style sweets like Raspberry Ruffles or Mint Chews (the white ones that you chew and chew for ages) Large bags of jelly tots(ideal for putting on top of butterfly cakes with some cream or icing), mixed bags of sweets all sorts of craft and doilies and tablewhere tinned stuff batteries etc. etc. etc.

I stocked up on toothpaste today 125ml tube (the medium to large one) £1 a tube OH likes Aquafresh and I like the MacLeans but they also had Colgate. I also managed to pick up some hair conditioner and some Knights Castille soap - don't see that very often (its a very good base grated down with a little colouring and scented oils to make soap balls as a small present for someone).

I also picked up a 2 x 8 packs of Lily Bulbs 5 x 25 - 125 freesia corms, 4 Gladioli bulbs, 2 x 3 Chinese Lanterns, 3 bags Onion Sets (Stuttgarter). So am well pleased. They always seem to have a selection of gardening bits and bobs. In the past I have picked up pieces of trellis for you have guessed it for £1 a piece. Don't discount them they have their place in these troubled times of ours and it usually enables you to stretch the pennies to something else after all it is the pennies that make the pounds and I do like a bargain.


  1. I hope the sunny weather is with you today, and that you feel better for it :)

    Beltane blessings to you and your family

    Kim x

  2. We have 2 pound shops and now one 99p shop near us, and you just never know what you'll find in them. I always have to go in and have a look.

    Waiting now to see if someone decides to open a 98p shop, lol.


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