Saturday, 25 April 2009

My Day

Well its been a very busy today for me today. I was up early and went out into the garden to sow some more seeds as my others are all coming through and will shortly go into the cold frame after being split. Will have to do that with the herbs tomorrow. Have done some Lemon Grass seed, Borage seed, Cabbage, Tomatoes yellow and red, Aubergine, yellow round courgettes, green round courgettes. I also managed to find my plant labels I knew I had had some just couldn't remember where they were. I found them in the greenhouse together with some green hanging plant bags which I didn't know I had.

It was a little chilly first thing here this morning and I had to wear a cardigan and it was blustery and the blossom from the trees was flailing in the air like wedding confetti but the sun was shining. As the day progressed it got warmer and I was able to take my cardigan off eventually. Then I started.

I attacked the small garden that leads up to the back door which was a complete and utter mess like the rest of the garden. I removed all the rubbish and plant pots from last year and the old hanging baskets. I then removed all the excess leaves from the bay tree base and then dug over the garden and managed to get rid of no end of twitch. I then sorted out the window boxes some plants had got a bit big and straggly. Sot they then got transplanted into the border - have planted two rosemary bushes and two sage plants. I also swept the path again and got rid of the green garden waste in the brown wheely bin. I have two new cold frames so I am hoping that he will build these up for me tomorrow then I can reposition the mini greenhouses with the cold frames further down the garden to where they are at the moment. I hope to have photos to show you tomorrow as to what I have done. It is only a small start but at least I have had a go and hopefully I can slowly work my way down the garden.

I have done loads of washing today and got it dry outside (it has had a good blow) and ironed. I have been ironing all afternoon and I still haven't got to the bottom of it (two weeks ironing at least as we both have clean on every single day and then there is the household linen etc.

Have let the growing houses air out and have watered up.

Oh and then I had scampi and bread and butter for tea.

My hands hurt quite badly tonight and it is colder out the wind has a slight edge to it, but I am hoping that have another lovely day tomorrow. Still have loads more ironing to do and I want to sort out some planters for salad crops so it looks as though it will be another early start tomorrow.

Here are some photographs of the garden before being overhauled

Will update tomorrow on what have achieved today batteries and camera "L" Plates prevailing.

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