Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sunday Night Tea

The Rotisserie

Wow its been hot and for the best part of today it has be misserly and wet although Sunday was hot and humid.  We need the water for the crops, to survive so am grateful for the respite, but i am one of those awkward people who can't bear the cold and can't bear the heat.  Because it was far too hot at the weekend I couldn't be bothered to put the cooker on that would have been far too much to cope with.

Nevertheless not to be defeated I got out my Roasting Spit and set too and cooked chicken with a butter and honey glaze.  I used Borage honey from Marks and Spencers and it was terribly delicious. 

I first had a roasting spit in the cooker I had when I first got married.  It was a Jackson cooker with an individual top oven that incorporated a spit and I used it a lot.  When I repalaced the cooker I had a built in Belling Cooker yet again with a Roasting spit but this time it was in the large oven and had a rack for kebabs etc.  It was wonderful as the meat always came out so moist.

I don'thave my own main cooker here, but if I did I would try and get one with a roasting spit in it again.  I have a small electric free standing cooker with a roasting spit and I also have an individual unit spit which is what I used on Sunday evening.

I served the roasted chicken with boiled new potatoes in a chive and butter dressing, mushrooms, onions and garlic fried in butter, mixed salad leaves, spring onions, celery, beetroot, tomatoes and it was very enjoyable and I was particularly taken with the  apple relish for which the recipe is here on the blog. It was very refreshing and tasty and the mint certainly gave it a very definite lift.  It was Scrummy and even OH said he really liked the Apple Relish.

I shall be making use of this quite a lot in the future.  The plan being tha will buy a chicken once a week and cook it by this method.  It leaves the meat lovely and juicy and succulent, so it will be ideal for pack ups.  The chicken was done in about an hour and a half.


  1. That looks really delicious and just right for a dinner on a hot day.

  2. Mmmmm it all looks so mouthwatering indeed~!


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