Thursday, 2 February 2012


Tonight I didn't leave work until 6.00 p.m. and I am absolutely shattered and I intend to have an early night for me and going up to bed early getting some extra rest and cuddle up under the quilt and maybe perhaps I will dream.

I have been sat on the settee for a little while, listening to the television and quietly without me knowing Demetri has got up onto the settee (in the spot normally frequented by SqueaK) and is curled up fast asleep.  He seems to like a bit of fuss from me and likes to be near.  Funny little moglet.  He doesn't like to be cold at all.  Squeak is on the other settee glowering because he is so close, but then to be fair she does have my company most of the night.

OH had made me tea - Faggots, mashed potato, Kale and carrot and swede crush with lashings of gravy which went down well.

Must wend my way finding it difficult to stay awake

Take care



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  1. How lovely to have furry company xx Blogger will not always let me leave commets so while it is co-operating...if you still want to do a mosaic...1.go to my blog..2. click on the mouthy stitches button thingy ...3. go to the tutorials and click on ... how to make a mosaic!! Easy!! xx


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