Friday, 25 January 2019

Thank God it is Friday

This week has gone quickly and it seems as if I have hardly had time to blink and whoosh everything has gone - in the words of the comic Tommy Cooper "Just like that"!

I met a friend for lunch today and we put the world to rights as we always do.  It is lovely we can just be ourselves with each other and there is no judgment or criticism just pleasure at being in each other's company and we help each other fight our own individual problems and are supportive of each other.

I then after meeting my friend went and did a little shopping, stocked up on milk, baked beans, stain remover, nothing really exciting all having a practical purpose and need and I also bought some beef and red wine pasta which I have had for tea with some tomato sauce.  It was comforting and filling and has gone down very nicely.

Last night I managed to have another go at my UFO cross stitched needlepoint and managed another good couple of hours of work on it.  It is slow going but it is growing and I am hoping that I will finish this within a month or less (that is if I managed to get a couple of good more goes at sitting and working at it).  

I have already sorted out the next UFO to work.  It is a part worked needlepoint which appears to have all the colourwork completed but it did not come with a chart so am not absolutely sure.  I think it just needs the background working in cream and then that will be finished also.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.  I will leave that there and carry on working through.  Then I will choose the next one.

This Tuesday I am all set for a play day on the crafting front.  I picked up my Quilting magazine today which has a template for a blade for a Dresden plate design in patchwork as a freebie on the front cover.  I think I may start with this as a starter piece as I have lots of fat quarters and lots of fabric and can build this up bit by bit and then mount on some cream fabric and then build the panels up into either a throw or a quilt.  Plus if I get all the blades sorted out and cut it will then be just a matter of assembling.  I do not have much in the way of backing fabric at the moment or indeed wadding but that would for me be part of the finishing stage for any particular item.  So I am very much looking forward to playing come Tuesday.  It will happen this time.  It is non-negotiable.

I have some other bits to put together and mend as well so hopefully I will have a few finished items to share then.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



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