Friday, 12 July 2019

Friday potterings

I have had a lovely day today.  I started off this  morning by not getting up very early - my body hugged my bed.  When I did get up however I managed to haul about 20 bags of rubbish (garden rubbish) into the front garden. It as a bit of a hefty job but managed to get it all there.  Also managed to get a load of brambles that I had cut down into the gardening bin.  There should be a load more to do. I am hopeful to cut back a lot more tomorrow depending on the weather. Hopefully that will be going to the tip tomorrow.  There will be more after that but that can go on Sunday.

Then I met up with one of my old work colleagues for a quick cuppa over lunch.  It was lovely to meet up with her.

I then met up with another friend and we had a late lunch scampi and chips and it went down very nicely.  We then shared a rhubarb sundae which was delicious.  I had been with her from 2:30pm until 9:00pm. We have put the world to rights and I really have had a lovely time with her.  We aim to do it again in a few weeks.  We both have a  love of traditional cooking and in a few weeks we are to have a jam making and crocheting session which I am very much looking forward to.

It has come over all rainy here in Peterborough and indeed a little earlier than usual I suspect down to the rain clouds that had gathered overhead.  We quickly walked Missy but the rain held off for us.  So we were lucky.

As I say back to the garden tomorrow and hoping that it is good weather so that I can get stuck in again and do a bit more sorting.  I just have to keep at it.

Catch you soon.




  1. What a lovely day that sounds, and well done for cutting back your garden to GET 20 bags of garden rubbish! You deserved a break after that.

    I envy you the scampi and chips - I love prawns and scampi but can't eat them as they are so high in histamines and raise the levels in my body (trying to eat as low a histamine diet as I can this summer.

  2. BB, perchance I watched Tom Kerridge make a version of scampi the other week not using prawns but using monkfish. Apparently scampi was predominantly monk fish when it became more popular but as Monkfish became more popular they substituted the prawns for the monkfish. The episode I saw was he took his scampi recipe to a well known West Country coastal eatery and tried it on their customers where apparently it went down a storm. The link is here on how to make it. I am assuming that the histamine level is low in monkfish compared to prawns (although I do not know) please correct me if I am wrong.

    Hope you are able to try it as it sounds lush. We are fans of monkfish here as it is a very meaty fish and goes an awful long way. Take care. Have woken up to another flooded kitchen. xx

  3. BB here is the video link of the programme I watched xx


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