Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Stormy Weather and Crafting

 It has been blowing a hooley for the best part of the night and it has not really let up since.  Confusingly here in Peterborough the sun is out and it feels warmer in the sun than it has done really for many a day but the wind has not calmed down.

I did not sleep well again hearing the birds starting to sing around 5am and having to deal with a grumpy Jack Russell who was intent on pushing me off the bed and growling at my every move.  We soon sorted her out and I made her move.  She tends to lay on the bottom of the bed its just whether she is horizontal or vertical that changes.

I had a look at the lap quilt I showed a few weeks ago last night to see what was involved with it.  I have decided that I am going to sort out the threads and the codes and get them all sorted out, then find a hoop ring and start working the pre-printed design.  It will take some time but will be a good project to get out the way as soon as I can and then I can concentrate on other things.  

I appreciate I am "bitting" around on the crafting front at the moment this is how I tend to roll and then every so often I have a splurge and get several things finished.  It very much depends on what time I have as to what project I work on. This for me helps with the boredom threshold. The scrap wool blanket that I have started I envisage to take most of the year working it as I finish up other projects or adding in other bought odd balls of wool.  I do have a very large UFO(King Size Bed) blanket that can be worked alongside of this a very large stripey bedcover which is in similar colours to the scrap blanket.  Some of the smaller scraps have been used on the scrap blanket.

The new scrap blanket squares which are not the finished squares as all the ends need tidying in and more rows might be added yet.  Will see how it works out.  I tend to play with what I have.

So in effect what may happen here is I will end up buying more wool for this and then the scraps will be turned into squares for the scrap throw.  So there is a method in my madness.  The stripey blanket/bed throw is being worked in double crochet and is quite a project.

I have found some pale yellow wool which I think I am going to add to the scrap blanket as well.  In the tweedy blue centres of the squares there are various other colours including an autumny orangey gold but I am not sure I want to go on the autumny colours per se.  I think the yellow will work well especially with the blues and lilac colours. 

I have just worked round four of the squares.  I quite like it.  I think it makes the colours pop a little bit, gives them a bit more life. This is also giving me ideas for other projects and to do something that will go with a couple of projects I already have finished.  That will have to go on the list though as I already have other projects well before that.

I also fancy a pale green as well to lighten things up a bit.   I have not decided on the size of the blanket either so like "Topsy" it may grow and grow and grow.  I think the final colour for joining all the squares up is going to be navy, but that may change also as I work along.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



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