Wednesday, 24 February 2021

What is going on in Pattypan's Kitchen at the moment

Not a lot really.  A lot of plans and a lot of bits and bobs bought in to do stuff with.  Let us start at the beginning.

I have the dehydrator on again.  I have bought three bags of Kale to make more dried Kale either in leaf form or powder form. This is to add to the leaves I have already dried. I have also bought two bags of Spinach to do the same with.  I have no Spinach stock so this is a new addition. So the dehydrator is on and running and will be overnight.  If I can get some reduced mixed salad leaves will also do these the same way as well.

Later in the week I intend to go to Waitrose and find some fancy mushrooms to dry for the pantry.  OH is rather partial to mushrooms and I am considering buying a grow your own mushroom kit for Oyster mushrooms.  Details here:

On instagram: 

Marvellous Mushrooms Instagram

On website/shop: 

Marvellous Mushrooms website/shop

I will have to sweet talk him first though.

We are a family that uses mushrooms a lot from fresh, but I also see a use for them in either powdered or dried format from the pantry shelf.  I love Oyster mushrooms and OH loves Shitake mushrooms in particular.  But even what I call everyday mushrooms are good for storing either whole or powdered.

In the greater scheme of things, I am also considering making some mushroom ketchup (not today though).  I have never made this at all but OH's mum used to make copious amounts of it apparently and used it liberally in cooking.  Not sure on this will make some more investigations before having a go I think.

I can often pick mushrooms up from the reduced counter that is why I am adding it to my pantry list.  Its a shame to waste a very useful commodity.

I have plans also to get some more frozen vegetables to dehydrate as well. I want to build up a nice little stock of these.

I have taken some mixed fruit out of the freezer and intend to make some more mixed fruit jam.  It is lovely in a cake or on a morning Croissant.

The first batch of Lemon curd was made yesterday.  I have another batch to do at some point, but I do have cordial and maybe some Lemon jelly marmalade to make (will have to buy in new Lemons for this though - bit of an afterthought on my part the marmalade not the cordial).

Tomorrow I have at least two lots of shortcrust pastry to make and some scones.  I managed to nab two pots of Cornish Cream that had been reduced today and so along with the mixed fruit jam that should make a lovely topping for some home made scones.  Long time since have done this.

I am also going to be making a meat pie of some description.  I have stewing steak/casserole steak for this purpose, onions and carrots.

I am also going to have a go at some milk bread all being well tomorrow.  So it is going to be an early start on my part.  Lots of jars will have to be washed and sterilised as well so I am going to have my work cut out.

My priorities are the jam, the pastry, the meatpie and the scones.  The rest will fit in either during the day or if I need to overlap the day after so all will not be lost.

I think I had better have that alarm at the ready for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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