Friday, 19 March 2021

Future Embroidery Projects

To those of you who do not craft, I apologise but I am after quite some time finding my mojo with my crafting again.

For many years I have been making stuff and putting it up without finishing things off.  I have lots of pieces of needlepoint and embroidery that have still not been made up.  The majority of the pieces I do have are intended for cushion inserts.  Most of them are of a floral nature.

I have this theme of a posh front room in pinks, dark and light and green and cream at the end of the day with these colours being the predominant colours but the aim is to have a cohesive but very different front room where a lot of the stuff has been made by myself.  I am still making stuff and gathering patterns and projects together for working at a future date.

 A recent discovery for me has been pdf patterns and I am still finding patterns and projects to do.  Little by little I am adding patterns when I can to the stash.  At the moment though do not have any ink for the printer so cannot print the patterns off but I do have them. Yet again these are patterns that I have purchased in PDF format which are mainly sold as pictures for the wall etc.  I have slightly different plans for them though, such as quilt/throws (I am getting the bug), and cushion covers and in some cases bed curtains for a four poster bed/or window. I have my eye on a pine four poster bed for the future.  I am also intent on having pretty Bedding, and pillowcases (taking segments of the patterns and turning it round or alternating it, Something that is a little different and with finer embroidery in some cases.

I am a particular fan of Diana Vingert and her embroidery designs and the finish on them looks excellent.  I have about five of her designs including the following:

There are a couple more of her kits as well.

Diana Vingert can be found here on Etsy:

I have today found this design on Cup of Needles which I am also quite fond of.  Link on Etsy here

All these designs to me are beautiful, very simple traditional designs which have been created by young women.  Embroidery with a twist as they use far more threads and more up to date techniques than traditional embroidery employs.  However many of the suppliers on etsy do also provide very thorough accessible tutorials as part of the purchase.  I bought the design above this week and it will be the next project for me after the lap quilt has been done and dusted.

Now I am getting into the crafting hours again I feel a lot more fulfilled although it is hard work.  I am hopeful (whereas before I was not) that I will be able to work my way through the projects I have now.  I will talk to OH though as I do need a new freestanding craft lamp with a magnifier to make life a little easier.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Catch up soon.




  1. Isn't it easy to get led astray into new projects, whilst the old ones are still unfinished. We know we're being naughty but do it anyway!! Seriously though, look at how many hours you have spent just starting the lap quilt you're working on now and work out you need another two lifetimes to finish all the WIP's, let alone start the new ones!!! I too am in the same boat - all those tempting things in books I've bought, unfinished pieces, unfinished quilts which I bought that way to finish them off. Will I never learn?!

  2. Just a tip - I have a magnifying craft lamp with a clamp. My OH found it in a tools catalogue- and it was one tenth of the price of the absolutely identical thing from sewing/craft shops! Check around before you splash the cash.

  3. I got my floor standing magnifying craft lamp from Hobbycraft at a good price a few years ago. But I have just looked and the price is double what I paid. The suggestion from Angela, about looking in a tools catalogue is an extremely good idea. I have seen advertised a pair of magnifying glasses that can even be worn with one’s prescription glasses.
    I too have too many WIPs and UFOs, but I am very tempted by your PDFs. But I have given myself a stern talking to “ Get some things finished first!!”😁😁


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