Monday, 8 March 2021

In the kitchen

Tied to the kitchen sink yelling LET ME GO, LET ME GO.

I have been cooking up a storm.  I have also made sure that OH is hungry for cooked tea this evening.  I gave him for his brekkie a couple of boiled soft eggs with soldiers.  That seems to have done the trick!

The Beef is the £20 piece of beef that should have been £60+ that we managed to get on offer from the new butcher.  It looks very nice.

I have cooked it on a bed of carrots, leek, celery, red onion, white onion, mixed herbs, Marigold veg stock, some water, white pepper, to create the base for the gravy.  The meat is cooking on top of this under a tent of foil to keep things nice and moist.  For the last 45 minutes or so the meat will be cooked without the foil to make sure that it has browned off properly.

I have also prepped up, the potatoes for mashed potato.  I have done enough for two days.  I have cut them into fairly smallish pieces to make sure that they cook evenly.

The roasties which are sweet potato slices and ordinary roasties and shallots with a sprinkling of salt.  To get your roasties to brown I add the shallots or pickling onions as when they start to caramelise they also help the other items in the pan brown off and go nice and golden.

Once cooked

The other veggies, carrots, broccoli, peas and cauliflower will be cooked in the steamer.

Here is the meat all cooked

The meat was medium rare and very tender and tasty.

I also made a small pattypan of Yorkshire Pudding.  A small pan as I am going to make large individual ones for tomorrow night's tea to use up the extra veggies I have cooked and the extra meat and gravy.

Dinner all served up

Very tasty it was too.

Lucky us we have a repeat performance tomorrow.  Fresh Yorkie to be made this time Large individual ones used like a dinner plate with the veg, gravy and meat all being placed in it on a plate.  It will then be a ding job.  Makes sense on the time front for me to cook like this.  For a lot of effort we have ended up with a super meal today and one to look forward to tomorrow.

I am now officially stuffed.

OH has just handed me pudding!  A Cadburys Flake.  Cannot manage it.

Catch you soon.




  1. That's a lovely joint of beef, but just as well it was reduced - crikey, for £60 I'd want half the steer!

    At least it will last you several meals by the look of it, in various incarnations.

  2. Hi BB, there is no way I would have paid £60+ for it unless there were people coming for Christmas and then even then maybe not. There is still loads left so it will not go to waste. The meat was also very tasty.

  3. I would too Bovey Belle, no matter how good the meat was. Everything was so expensive now, despite everyone saying officially prices haven't gone up. I think the supermarkets are keeping the prices of those items in the national grocery basket, or whatever the call the list that's used to judge price increases and inflation, as low as they can while whacking up others. The cola I drink has just gone up by 40%, coffee by 20%, dried pulses by 10-15%... everything seems to be creeping, or sometimes jumping, up at the moment. I would probably get a shock if I went into a butchers now!


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