Friday, 12 March 2021

Precious Time

I have not felt 100% today and so I sat down earlier on and did a little crochet.  I soon put that to one side as the sun was shining and the room was nice and light as a result.  I decided in my infinite wisdom to start sorting out the threads for this particular project of which there are quite a lot.  It is a project that I want to get finished if I can for Christmas 2021.  So I started with the most common threads which were all different shades of red.  That is where I have left it in relation to the threads.

However, I have started stitching the project.  The chart provided uses all sorts of different symbols for different stitches and different colours and I ended up reading the colours wrong, so out it came and I started again.

I thought that I was not seeing the threads and the charts properly but never thought anymore on it and then I really went wrong which is when I realised that I had my old glasses on not my stronger lens ones.  So off they came and I have been getting on a lot better since then.

The project is a lap quilt with lots of embroidery on it, then you put wadding and a backing on, then hand quilt it so there is a lot of work going into this project at the end of the day.

I cannot quite remember when was the last time that I had the luxury of time to sit and concentrate like this on what I am doing and without OH niggling at me.  It has been pure bliss.  This is the type of quality time I need for my patchwork and my other embroidery and fine lace crochet projects that I have as well as my beading. I am hoping to be able to do this on a regular basis from now on in.

I was not going to show the project until all the embroidery is done as there is still a lot of concentration to go into this particular project and I am trying to do it justice.  It will give me real boost if I can get this project finished this year.  I am working it on a hand frame to keep a nice even tension for the embroidery.  However, I have since decided that it might be a good way of charting my progress with this project, so I will post up a little update every now and then.

Once I have this lap quilt done I may even get to my Christmas patchwork throws I have been threatening to do for ages.  I have most of the bits and bobs to will just be the wadding and the backing fabric I will need for these.

I am now going back to do a little more work on my project then I may do some more crochet.

So so pleased that I have been able to play for a change.  Makes all the difference.

Catch you soon.



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  1. Introduce your husband to the concept of me-time. He gets his me-time when he is fishing - you don't sit by nagging him it's time to do something else! Lock him out :)

    Glad you enjoyed working on this so much - it looks lovely and the red-work bit you're doing now is going to be quick to stitch. I can feel my sewing hand twitching now - must seek out the half-finished x-stitch for a friend which was started 3 years ago but my sewing light broke.


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