Saturday, 23 October 2021

Aran Throw Blanket/Using up a Wool Stache


Aran Style Blanket/Throw

My mother was extremely talented when it came to hand knitting and machine knitting and we never went without on the cardigan or jumper front from a very early age.  She also nearly always had jumpers on the go for one of us including herself from as far back as I can remember.  She was also exceptional at hand knitting Aran style cardigans and jumpers and oh they do keep you so warm.  I have a go at knitting and I have picked up more than I realised but I am still very much a novice.  Mum got into machine knitting when I was about five years old.  I inherited her machines, including her first one.  I am not quite sure what to do with them really as I haven't got a clue how you set them up or what.  They are just as she left them, all four of them.

After she passed I ended up with all her crafting stuff.  I have loads of Aran wool, and I do like a good throw and I spotted this, initially thinking that it was knitted.  It is actually crocheted and it has been put on my list of to do's.  I have wool to use up and from what I have seen of the video tutorial so far I think with a bit of patience I might be able to achieve this.  Might be one to start at Christmas for the coming year.

Today for me ideally would be a Duvet Day, but that is just not going to happen.  My arm has been extremely uncomfortable and I have the sniffles and a headache.  All minor reactions to the Covid Booster which I had yesterday.  Better this than being hospitalised a small price to play I think.  I am classed as high risk in this respect.  OH has not even had his invitation for the Booster yet.

If I can get to grips with this throw blanket, will create a bit more space in the longer term.  I was also given a load of Aran wool as well (not that I have ever knitted an Aran), but I can always find a way to use up quality items.

Looking around this particular You Tube Channel this lady seems to have several very tempting throws to have a go at.

Well that's another one for the to do list then.

Catch you soon.




  1. That's a beautiful throw and as you have the wool, something to keep you busy on the cold dreary days of winter.

    If you are never going to use the knitting machines, perhaps pass on a couple on Freegle so that someone else will get the benefit?

    Like you I am classed as High Risk and have had my booster this week (OH had his last week). I had a bit of a sore arm and my hips which were achey anyway, became a lot more achey, but I walked that off yesterday.

    1. Glad you have had your jabs too. I am not sure what to do yet about the machines. They are in the loft in any event at the moment due to space issues. Mum taught me how to use her first one, but the others were far more expensive and complicated. I will think on it. There is a lot of wool as well from mum, I think it is the emotional link still in that knitting was mum's passion and she was happy when she was producing garments and she used to sell them as well. Time is no quite right yet. Bits have been let go bit by bit. Will see as I go along. Keep safe the pair of you. Tricia x

  2. My Mom was passionate about crocheting. She left me a lot of crocheted stuff, usually small items. I sometimes offer something as a gift, but never thought of trying to sell.
    You can learn from YouTube tutorials about the use and maintenance of the machines.

    1. Hello Duta and welcome. Thank you for that I will have to have a look. I have a big stash of machine wool as well. Tricia


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