Friday, 15 October 2021

Back to Basics

 Back to the housework at the moment, even though I want to be preserving.  Have a lot of stuff to do in the house which takes precedence at the moment and I am doing stuff in the kitchen.  Hopefully I will be able to make a semi-return to the preserving tomorrow evening.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.

Bought a few more things for the Christmas pantry, a couple of blocks of chocolate Le Menoir I think it is called milk chocolate and shall buy some more of the dark next time I go.  Have also bought a couple of boxes of After Eights, and a couple of small boxes of Bahlsen chocolate biscuits.  Cannot have Christmas without After Eights, and lots of stuff for turning into preserves for the pantry shelf.

Nuts are expensive this year the shelled ones. Managed to get the first net of some Chestnuts which I want to turn into some treats for the sweetie table i.e. Marrons Glace.  They are £10.50 a jar and I know that there is not a full net of Chestnuts in the jar.

I also need to look out for Chestnut Puree as I use this in chocolate desert that I normally serve at Christmas.  It is a Ruth Mott Chocolate Mousse recipe which is lovely.

I have some labelling that I may well be able to slip in between everything else on already finished produce.

I am after getting some dark plums and am waiting for some reductions at the Green Grocers.  They have some dark plums in at the moment which do not seem to be going very fast so if they put them in the reduced area will try and nab them.

By the way has anyone seen any currants (for Christmas cakes).  I have not been able to lay my hands on any thus far this year.  I still have some from last year but I most definitely have not seen any in the Co-Op, M & S and Waitrose.  May have to check out Asda or Tesco.

Also Marzipan.  Has anyone seen Marzipan?   May have to stockpile some Ground Almonds so that I can make my own if necessary.

Early days yet, but am trying to do bits and bobs where I can.

Still have quite a few preserves to make, but am getting very excited to be trying new recipes which seem to be working out extremely well and which hold a lot of potential.  I am talking about Ratatouille Chutney one which is like a sweet and sour and I love it.  I have found another similar recipe which I want to make which has garlic and green beans in as well, so will see how they turn out on taste as I understand it tastes very nice as a sauce with pasta.

Right am off back to the cleaning.  Marigolds and vinegar to hand.

Catch you soon.



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