Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am still hard at it in the kitchen.  I am cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen and getting my baking trays etc. all sorted out and organised so that I can use them much more easily.  It is a long job and the stuff is not suitable for the dishwasher, so not only is the cupboard being scrubbed out everything in them is as well.  It is a tedious job at best.  Be a job long overdue and I will at long last be able to find things.  Stuff that has more specialised use will go into the cupboard under the stairs which will be a much more efficient use of the space available in the kitchen.

This morning we went to B & Q to get some paint for the kitchen and for the bathroom.  Have just gone for white to freshen things up a bit and make things look cleaner.  Whilst out we also had a look at some tiles and have come back with some for the windowsill which are also white.  Just wanted simple. 

I have however seen some nice flooring for the kitchen and which I think will go well in the bathroom as well. Himself has indicated that we will order that online so maybe that will be something that happens later.  The flooring we have in the kitchen is past its sell buy date having been down over 20 years.  So I think we have had our monies worth out of it.  The same with the dining room.  That will need decorating before Christmas, so we will see how things progress with the kitchen and the bathroom first.  Have also bought a tile cutter, Polyfiller, grout, paintbrushes, rollers, all the usual accoutrements required for decorating and the tools needed.  So will see how we get on over the next few days.

We have had very wet, stormy weather and had a massive thunderstorm yesterday.  I still have a really bad headache and am wondering if we have more to come. I hope not.  It may be just that I am overtired.

Right upwards and onwards.  Back to the kitchen cupboards.

Catch you soon,



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