Monday, 18 October 2021

New Kitchen Sink

 It has been all go in the kitchen over the last few days and at long last I now have a properly functioning sink, mixer tap, and new units.  So it has been a bit of a day and a result. It has been bliss to be able to mix hot and cold water.  Wherever else I have lived I have always had mixer taps.  I know I am sad, but little things make a real difference.  

To celebrate I have scrubbed the washer down and it is currently on a proper drum wash.  Hopefully will be able to use the dishwasher soon as OH has replaced the tubing and fittings there as well.  It did not like the previous old system that was there.  We will see.  

Equally though, the new sink is lovely too. We have had to cut the worktop to insert it, but that means I can use the area for food preparation as well.  Kitchen counter tops are at a premium here.

Slowly, slowly catch a monkey hope will be able to replace some of the other units soon.  The units we have in are over 25 years old.

The new units are a shaker design and the doors are a navy blue colour.  Have gone for white, navy and grey for the kitchen this time round.

Right am off to potter loads to do as usual.

Will catch up soon.



P.S. The dishwasher works.  That is going to save me no end of time and effort.  I also have loads of jars that need cleaning for preserves.  It did frighten me to death though; I was in the bathroom and heard like a massive clog dance going on in the kitchen followed by loud buzzing and then the dishwasher door shot open.  Apparently it is a feature on the model we bought!  Now that really did startle me.



  1. I'm having deja vu here. I'm sure you mentioned some while ago you had a new kitchen, in dark blue. Or do I need to take a pill?!!! Glad the sink is in anyway.

    1. No you are not. Kitchen units sink etc were bought. OH said was going to deal with but they have since been sat on and OH has started to deal with today. Quite sometime since they were purchased. Better late than never and its bliss to have a mixer tap again. Hope you are keeping well.

  2. This sounds good. We need to 'make good' one of the kitchen walls where the electrician had to remove tiles and dig a channel to install the new consumer unit. We're going to have new white tiles, and some navy blue paint on one wall, to go with the new navy blind. Clearly this is THE colour for kitchens this autumn!

  3. Hi Angela, the units I have chosen are from B & Q called Artemesia, they are a Shaker style cabinet. Truth be told I prefer wooden doors but very few and far between these days, but this looks smart and tidy and will be easy to keep clean which is my main criteria. I would like to tile the kitchen out in white tiles completely but OH not too enthusiastic at the moment. It would be a lot easier to clean and make my life easier in the longer term. At least I have my sink so am grateful for small mercies. Hope you are okay xx


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