Sunday, 24 October 2021

Other People's Cupboards

The other day I started re-organising and cleaning four cupboards in the kitchen.  If the truth be told they are the last four to do.  I have already done 1  1/2  3cupboards; (just one more to go now) so far most cupboards have been stacked with some of my baking tins.  Some have been relegated to the bin and some to the charity shop. There are still loads more to be added which are in different locations of the house.

I popped up on Instagram some of the items had found as a result of the clear out.  I then got to thinking that we are all interested in other people and what they get up to, but wouldn't it be interesting to see one of their cupboards all tidied, and done.  Thought it might inspire some of us to do a cupboard at a time, instead of whipping ourselves internally for not doing this or that.  Me being the typical "Bull in the China shop", has to do things all at one go, but I am slowly learning that, getting something done is better than doing nothing at all.  Okay so not everything done, but less to do overall at the end of the day and less of a mountain to climb by this method.  I also have to cater for the "fatigue" issues that I have when I literally do run out of steam.  Which for someone who is used to flying around on a broomstick (or if you like turbo powered vacuum cleaner - thinking Hocus Pocus here), it is very frustrating when your mojo disappears.  Ah well such is life these things are sent to try us.

Anyway back to kitchen cupboards.  Is it something you are willing to share.  In any event I thought that I would start it off with the cupboards that I have sorted so far, and what have done so far.

I have a lot of kitchen equipment much of which I am not ready to let go, and a very tiny kitchen, so my organising may not be the most normal way of sorting things out, but is workable with what I have, and the space I have available to me.  I have always aspired to a very large Farmhouse Kitchen, which in reality just has not arrived quite yet.  Ever the dreamer and ever the optimist, that does not stop me from aiming for my dream.  One day it will all come together.  You just have to believe in a little magic and the universe!

Here are my sorted cupboards and some of the bits have found in there.

Here is my main sheet pan cupboard after it has been tidied.

Along the way I found all sorts of interesting cake pans and trays.  This one is a ring mould with fluted sides and a lid.

A shallow Eclair Pan.  I have two of these.  

My Mini or medium Pastry Pan for making festive meat pies.  You just move out the side links to create a bigger pie.  I do have another larger one of these somewhere.  Predominantly for Pastry.

My Jamie Oliver 2lb Bread Pans in front of a partially sorted cupboard.

Some fancy heart patty pans with further fancy patty pans below.

Some of these I had forgotten I had.

Are you going to join in and share a cupboard that needs organising especially in the run up to Christmas.  Then like me you might be able to find what you are after.

Catch you soon.



  1. You have a LOT more pans than me. I had a clear-out before we moved, so just have what I will regularly use now. I'll try and remember to do a post about them in the next day or so. At least with my new cooker I can fit a baking tray IN it - the one that came with the house was hopelessly tiny.

    One thing I did pass on was my Elizabethan pie former - I used to make a raised game pie (to be eaten cold) in it every year, but then our numbers were smaller and I saw prices on Ebay and sold mine, for £84!!

    1. Hi BB, I bought the pie tins as they reminded me of the older pie forms, but I have never actually seen one for sale only in TV programmes that sort of thing. I like to mess around and find my way around things. I went to the Pork Pie class at one of our local butchers a while back and ended up buying everything. I also have a vintage ice cream mould in the shape of a Strawberry. Would like to buy more specialist pieces here and there but that will have to wait for now. I must say you did well on your sale. Take care sweetie xx

  2. I love your pans, I also need to straighten my cupboards. LOL

    1. Hello Sherry, lovely to hear from you. In all honesty my cupboards have been cleaned but they hadn't been sorted in a long time as I hate chucking stuff out. At least now I can find some of the things and probably experiment a bit more. Tricia x

  3. Trish, We are even worse off for cupboards than you, all my baking tins are stored in my oven which as you know I do not use unless forced to. Big things like the bread maker and the Ninja have to stand out on the cupboard top, I just have room for the pressure lid to my ninja in one of them. Saucepans etc are in one side of the cupboard under the sink, the other side has cleaning materials etc in. I am looking for somewhere else to put them, easier for the cleaner when she comes.

    1. Hi Anne, lovely to hear from you. I have lots of stuff on counters too and am hoping to find space to put stuff elsewhere as well. My Ninja Foodie will be on the countertop though especially during winter as it is so big and heavy to lug here and there, although we do take it to the caravan. Are you still writing your blog, as I lost the link. If you are can you pm me a link please so I can play catch up again. Hope you and Edwin are keeping well in these troubling times. Take care sweetie Tricia xx

  4. I had 1 deep pan drawer fitted in my new kitchen in 2009. It is brilliant for pans and oven trays etc .If I ever get the chance of another new kitchen I would have deep drawers under counter where possible. and only have cupboards above .


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