Sunday, 16 January 2022

Something on the Needles

I know that I promised I would not start another project until I had some of the other projects out of the way, in any event, ran out of wool for my blanket.  As I  have not been able to get to my Aran wool stash, because it is not easily accessible at the moment, I have felt the need still to have a pick up and put down project on my needles in the interim so that I do not waste anytime.  

Whilst looking for my Aran wool for the blanket, I found two lots of Aran Wool, 2 large balls of a lovely Lilac colour and two large balls of a Turquoise-Green.  I have therefore started on a jumper for myself using the Lilac.  I started it on Friday evening, and did a fair bit watching TV.  

This is the jumper that I am having a go at.  It is a You Tube Tutorial.

Knitted Jumper - Lilac

I was then able to set too and do quite a bit last night. I am halfway through working the arm shaping, so not far from working the shoulders and the neckline.  I am working the back first.  That means I have the front and the two sleeves to work after this. 

This seems a relatively easy pattern thus far, but I am not a natural knitter and am still finding my way through this knitting hobby. I have a lot to learn.  What I am finding though is that my knitting row by row is getting neater, as is my Rib work.  However that still needs quite a bit of attention.  My first row always seems to be slacker as I do not seem to be able to pull the wool up any tighter.  It has been suggested that I should try a size smaller needle for casting on and then when the first row is being worked, transfer to the right sized needles.  Will do this on the next one.  One thing I am learning though is to take my time and to concentrate.  If I work way beyond my stop point I have found that I make mistakes.  Knitting is not a race for me, yes I would like things finished by so and so, but in reality things are not perfect and realistically not always achievable.  That does not mean you are a failure, just that y our pace is a little different to everyone else.  Remember we are each unique individuals all with a special set of diverse gifts and abilities.

A couple of things are driving me, one that I want to clear some of the wool stash, and secondly, I am in dire need of some warm jumpers that I can sling on and wear with a pair of jeans.  Smart and casual, but comfy and warm.  Now I am showing my age!

Many of the designs I like are traditional patterns and to buy ready made are rather expensive. (Being a crafter I understand that these garments when handmade are full of time and love) but my pennies do not stretch that far at the moment.  I was bought up to have a go at anything, despite facing my nemeses.  These for me are pastry making and knitting.   There are a few more, but these are the main ones.

I would like at some point to work a proper Aran jumper as I just love these styles they are timeless and so classic.  The seed stitch/moss stitch for my blanket is one of the stitches used, but before then I need to get to grips with cable work as well, so some smaller projects first.

Hopefully I will be able to sit down a little tonight and do a bit more, but if not there will be another night.

Catch you later.



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