A Better Day today

Just a quick pop in.

Am a lot better today.   At least I can move now without hurting like I did yesterday. My saviour was my hot water bottle as I had gone extremely cold on the inside and my hands had gone white as on top of everything else, I ended up having a particularly bad Raynaud's attack.  Unfortunately, I tend to feel the slightest change in temperature even in the middle of summer. Everyone else can be blisteringly hot, me frozen to the bone.  I have a broken thermometer!

Today has been a lot more comfortable. I still was not up to cooking a full roast, that will happen later in the week as I have some items to use up before the roast. They will therefore be getting dealt with tomorrow.

I still sadly have not been able to get to any preserving, but a few jobs have been dealt with today by OH, which hopefully make my life a little easier with some things. Still a lot more to do, but a successful start. We had a few bits of equipment that were not behaving themselves and he has now sorted them out. Phew!

Tonight's tea was Rib Eye steak, homemade chips, fried onions, some fried mushrooms for OH, and a fried egg.  Served with bread and butter. It went down very nicely, and at least we had a warm meal.  Must have one good warm meal a day in these colder months.  I intend to do some soups up and store them in the fridge so that they can be had if we are cold and/or for midday lunch.  Something that is warm, and good for you in the long run that can be had with some bread, and which will keep the blood sugar stable.

Lots to do and lots to be achieved this week especially on the preserving front.  Hope I get to start this tomorrow.  In between times I am playing with other bits and bobs and have some more wine making on the cards as well. I am waiting on honey to arrive at the Co-Op as some more of this is needed for other projects I have waiting in the wings, but which I cannot start without the honey.  I like to keep honey in the house as it is very good for you on the healing front as well as being tasty in cooked goods or used as an alternative sweetener.

Hopefully will be back in the swing of things properly tomorrow.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.

Catch you soon.




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