What a difference a day makes

From horrible damp, chilly and wet weather of yesterday to bright cheerful sunshine this morning.  Certainly, the sun lifts the spirits after the melancholy of yesterday.  I hate damp, cold weather it gets in your bones, and to make matters worse here we do not have a fire to curl up next to keep warm, and for the flames to bring some light.  On such damp days all I want to do is curl in front of a proper fire and read.  As a child this was a reading nook of choice, as I was both warm and could read to my heart's content sprawled on the rug in front of the fire. These days unless I put my foot down and completely down tools, I do not get to read like I used to.  You have to do things that you love and which are not part of the relationship that you are in, but purely and intensely just for yourself as the inner you, the one that is often hidden needs to survive too and express itself.

At least we have the warmth of the sun for today.  The older I am getting the more I am realising that the hurley burley of life robs us of so much real time because we have to work a job, because we have to dash here.  As a result, we often miss the minute moments that are the most important and after all our memories are made up of lots of these minute moments.  The sheer feeling of enjoying something and of feeling the joy, is often diminished as a result.  We need to be more mindful and to live in the moment or moments much more than we do.

In the words of the song by John Denver "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy".  Listen to the words.

Sunshine on my Shoulders John Denver

Hope you have a lovely day.

Catch you later.




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