A bit off Colour

A Damp and wet day again and a day when I have hurt and have not been firing on all cylinders.  It is just one of those things, but am chuffed in one sense that I have managed to keep the fatigue at bay for so long as I have.  Am going to rest up and take a few days and then hopefully will be able to get stuck in again.

The Pantry is still a Work in Progress.  I have added a few things to jars, but still a lot of jars to fill up.  More on that in a few days once I have a few more items added in.  It has been slow going.

Have popped some items in the bottom part of the Pantry just to keep them out of the way for the time being.  The untidy bit!

Have my Biscuit Crumb jar and also my Salted Peanut jars filled though. Like to be practical and not waste stuff but also like some healthy snacks available on the Pantry shelf as well.  Have had to throw some stuff in the bottom of the Pantry to keep it out of the way but it is still not completely sorted or finished.  Will get there eventually.  However am chuffed with how it is coming along.

Peanut jar

The Popcorn Kernel jar slowly being filled up.  There are a couple of more bags to go in here yet.

Now to dig the Popcorn maker out of retirement!

Have a lovely evening.

Catch you soon.




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    1. Thank you Sandra. Just tired and hurt today with all the rain. So thought I had better not push things too much as I do not want to be incapacitated anymore than have to be. Hope you are okay x hugs Tricia xx

  2. That's a lovely well stocked larder. I've not made homemade popcorn for ages, and now you've got me thinking about it I'll have to see if I have any corn in my cupboard.

    1. Hi Sue, have found that my OH who is diabetic quite likes the popped corn he normally puts some grated cheese and onion powder on his. Gives him a healthier snack as it were. Glad to lead you astrayxx Tricia


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