Another cold day

 Think I need bloomers on!  And the rain, I am a bit like the "Tin Man" it hurts to move.  Do not think that spraying WD40 on my joints will make much of an impression though.  The Fatigue is also not having the energy to do what you want, but it also kind of gives you like "brain freeze".  You still have your thoughts and your ideas it is just during that time you cannot always put what you want to achieve into place and into effect.

For the next few days or so though I am not going to plan anything.  Just going to take it as it comes.  If I get some stuff done all well and good.  I am not going to beat myself up about it.  It is what it is.

Because of the cold as it is I have a couple of blankets and quilts on the bed and now fluffy pillows since the pillow washing and drying exercise the other day.  I like the weight of quilts or blankets always feels as if something is missing if I do not during the winter months.  Of course, there are always others to put on if needed (think I am at the maximum for now though).

So sad today to read about the passing of Dave Myers one half of the "Hairy Bikers" after his battle with Cancer.  My thoughts go out to his family and also his counterpart Sy King. RIP Mr Myers thank you for entertaining us.

Tonight we have had out fish strips, mushy peas and Potato Dauphinoise for tea tonight.  That has gone down very nicely indeed.  It has fast become a favourite that at the moment we seem to be having on a weekly basis.  We are quite partial to fish fingers (must be Cod as I just do not do Pollack and would rather go without than eat Pollock).  Memories from growing up where Mum used to try and hide it but my brother and I always used to suss out what she had used.  Fish fingers we either have them Nursery style i.e. with baked beans and chips or in a sarnie served with chunky chips and Tartare sauce.  However these fish strips from Iceland (Harry Ramsdens) are far superior and G has them in a sarnie as well. We are choosing to buy these in preference at the moment. We do prefer things fresh where we can, but it is good to be able to source a really good frozen product as well.

Today I have also recycled a load of jars and bottles the contents of which have been used up in the past week.  Includes five Starbucks bottles, an empty mint sauce jar, two passata jars, two Salsa jars and two Mason jars.  They have all been relocated into a box for future use which hopefully will happen soon.

Therefore another quiet pottering day although I have spent a little time in the kitchen just dealing with a few bits here and there.  Nothing substantial.  It will all add up at the end of the day.  Hoping tomorrow will be a more rewarding one.

Yesterday evening whilst on the Internet I wandered down another rabbit hole.  Looking at potential projects on the patchwork front more suitable for smaller pieces of fabric that I have.  Have ear-marked a couple of possible projects for the very distant future using fabric from my reclaimed men's shirts and also some of my stash.  We will see what happens with the Hexie quilt first though.  That is taking priority although any suitable left over scraps will no doubt be used up in future projects somewhere down the line.

Ideally, I would like a room all to myself for crafting in.  The room I use at the moment is multi-function and not really geared up for crafting but it is a space.  I have to use the machine when G is not around as he does not cope too well with it going for a while which often results in me having to pack up earlier than I would have done in any event.  I would like a room where I can have all my patterns within easy reach and all my fabrics and scraps and myriad of other crafting items and equipment being organised.  There is a lot of fabric I cannot access at the moment for one reason or another. One day perhaps.  One day.

Right am off to mooch.

Have a lovely evening everyone, take care, keep safe, keep warm.  Keep on doing what you do.

Catch you soon.




  1. You have been steadily on the go, a few days rest will do you good. I have chronic sinus problems and it's kicked in over the past couple of days. It's one thing or an other!

    1. Hugs Sandra, sinuses are always the worst. Hope more comfy soon x

  2. I hope you feel better soon. A few days off might do you good.


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