Last Night and Today

 Last night, I started to have a look at a pile of things, but I need to do more work in relation to this particular pile, and so I left it shortly after starting to deal with it.  No point in making extra work just at this moment.  Need to address it when a bit more plentiful on the time front not an item that can be segmented.

This morning though the Sun is out - I feel more me (whatever that might be) and have a burst of energy.  Look out broomstick here we come.

It will be kitchen and cooking chores today though as I really need to get into the kitchen to let G be able to progress in there when he fancies wafting the paintbrush around. What a difference a little bit of white paint is making.  I decided to go simple and uncomplicated just the white paint for the bathroom, little room and the kitchen.  I have vintage wallpaper downstairs already for the dining room.  Vymura Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Poppy design.  Have had it a while and it should make the room look more cheerful eventually.  That will not be started though until quite a few more jobs are out of the way with.  We are slowly addressing some of the decorative problems.

I am also desperate to get into the kitchen to really start playing again.  I have had a request to make some Banana Bread so will attend to that in the next day or so. As my focus has been on other things, not had the opportunity to.  As have said though am trying to strike whilst the iron is hot and get on with things no matter how small.  At least we have a proper roast dinner to look forward to again tonight and loads of lovely Pork dripping for roasties or for a slice of bread.  Look how thick it is in the bottom of the bowl.

The Sun is out to play, it feels warmer think perhaps it is a lot warmer to what it was yesterday and I have a big pile of washing to address again.  Think this is going to be the status quo for a while as I gradually attack the Spring Cleaning heap.

Tea is cooking as we speak.  I was a little later getting it on tonight.

Loads of jelly in the pork dripping which will be used on bread and the fat is being used to cook tonight's roasties.  We have potato, sweet potato, onion and parsnip that have been roasted.

Also mashed potato, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and steamed cabbage with gravy.  There should be enough for tomorrow night as well.  After all there is no end of meat and there will be pork and apple sarnies too.  Pays to buy a larger joint to cook as the meat cooks better and also provides a few meals.  If I had a freezer I would be freezing the pork in the gravy ready to drag out for a meal during the week, all you would have to add is the veggies then.  A good quick meal within an hour

There will be plenty of veggies for tomorrow night as well.  Save me having to get everything on again.  I like roasting mixed veggies together gives a far more rounded flavour.  We had the potato, sweet potato, parsnip and onion wedges (which fall to pieces) all done and dusted within 40 minutes without having to parboil.  Having the Purple Sprouting Broccoli and the shredded cabbage also gives a heck of a lot of flavour too.    Tea all sorted for a repeat for tomorrow night too.  I also had some Sloe and Crab Apple jelly with the Pork.  Really goes well.  I do have some plain Crab Apple jelly which is delicious but I cannot lay my hands on it at the moment.  It will turn up. So do not be afraid to mix in Sloes with Crab apples for jelly come autumn.  A lovely mixture and preserve to add to the food plate.

Hope everyone has had a really good day all round.

Roll on these lighter days.

Catch you soon.




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