Still Pottering

 Only bits and bobs getting done, but at least it is movement.

Today I have managed to sort out the boxes in the corner. I have found loads more glass ware, namely an expensive pedestal dish originally from M & S in a gold colour, some of my recycled glass storage jars.  These have all been dragged out of the corner and stuff that I will not need to access as regularly has been put in there and I will add on to this as I continue working.  Every little helps right.

G had to nip out earlier on and our elderly Jack Russell objected quite strongly today.  How dare you leave me with that woman again - you are supposed not to go anywhere without me.  She was at the top of the stairs this time and I had to intervene quite quickly as she proceeded to howl and was getting quite agitated.  She has tumbled down the stairs before and really we need a child gate for her to stop her going over.  That is on the list.  I managed to coax her back and eventually after several more sessions of deep wailing got her settled.  However not a happy bunny.  She will play hell with him once he comes back.  I am just grateful for a little space now she has calmed down a bit.  Talk about throwing rattles out of the pram.  Love her to bits as I have loved all my animals that I have had over the years and there have been some crackers.  They are much loved and very much part of the family.

Ear was chewed off when he came back in.  We then took her for a quick walk down by the river. It was lovely and quiet again.  This time she went for a little bit of a paddle.  Her tail going round and round.  She loves water and especially loves playing on the edge of the sea.  Have dried her all off and she is now eating again.  Now time to dry me off!

We are having a Ham salad for tea this evening in view of the fact that for the past few evenings we have done rather well on the food front.  That should go down nicely and we also have some Strawberries and cream to follow.  Very nice it was too.

Sun is still out here and it has been a far warmer day.  At the moment does not look too bad a week weather wise.  As usual will see how things pan out.

Have a lovely evening.

Catch you soon.




  1. You sure have a lot of things. You make me feel like a minimalist! It's good to read you are making progress, one step at a time.

    1. Hi Sandra, am definitely not a minimalist! I just like lovely and practical stuff. A lot have inherited and then I have bought stuff. Doesn't help with me doing all sorts of crafting as well. One thing leads to another. I have cleared some things out though so am trying to be good. Take care xx


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