Sunday Evening/Monday

 After tea, I went back into the bedroom for a little while and did a bit more sorting.  I then came back into the study and set about sorting through a stack of magazines which I needed to thin out.  I have one for disposing of out of about 20 mags.  A lot of them are crafting and cross stitch magazines with charts and projects in.  I am keep these, but there will be a few more to go by the time that I have finished.  So a small start, but if I keep doing a few every so often it will quickly thin down.

I have a lot to do tomorrow and hopefully will get the boxes moved out completely tomorrow.  I can then start to sort out both chests of drawers and the corner wardrobe and possibly shift out my freestanding jewellery chest.  Will see how it goes.  Sometimes or a lot of the time with me, I under-estimate how long things are actually going to take.  No matter what there is a heck of a lot to do long term.

I have set the alarm for tomorrow morning so that I can start early after getting breakfast out of the way with.  I will start in the bedroom and then break off and do the study.  Then will go back to the bedroom again.  Also want to fit in some ironing as well probably later in the day.


Into the bedroom nice and early.  Got quite a lot of the boxes out and am now up to the window.  Got into the wardrobe and that will need sorting out.  More washing to come.  Got some of the boxes into the front room for the time being out the way so that I can move freely as they are out of the way until I can free up more space in here.  Hard slog and am likely going to be in here for the best part of the evening.  Stacks more fabric found as well.  Need to locate something to stash this into.  This will involve some initial work in the back bedroom.

Found a box full of vintage canvasses that have been worked.  I have picked them up a bit at a time and for next to nothing.  Not my work but some beautiful pieces. It always breaks my heart when I find beautiful pieces of work as all the time and effort that goes into this is incredible.  I know first hand what is involved. I have some ideas what I am going to do with these eventually.  I am curating the pieces to go with each other but there are going to be a lot of needlepoint cushions.  I do have an outline plan though.  I know that there are a few more panels to find as well and some panels that need completing. 

When I was a little girl we always lived in the kitchen for the best part which was always spotless and functional.  The Lounge or best room was really only used of an evening to sit in front of the fire (before the days of TV).  TVs were rented then as most people could not afford to buy them.  It was always the room where the nicest pieces of furniture and ornaments that sort of thing was kept.  All these items I have been collecting are for the Lounge or Best room and I do have quite a collection of beautiful items.

Three of the panels are really old and all feature old cottages and their gardens.  Part of me wants to turn these into cushions but I think I may well frame them to preserve them.  They are beautifully worked and very different to what you can get these days.  Truly vintage pieces.

Tea tonight has been homemade Lasagna (which was delicious).  We have a couple of more meals each out of this large Lasagna that I made.  We also had Strawberries and Cream for pudding.  Gone down very nicely indeed.

I am just going into the back bedroom to do a little bit of sorting out in here first.  Some of the boxes that I took out of the front bedroom need to go in here to start with.  They will get sorted later on, but for the time being they need to be in this room.  It will enable me to have a bit more room whilst working in clearing the front bedroom.  I am also hoping to get things more organised as I go along with the items I am finding.

I need to go through the wardrobe I have opened today as there are lots of clothes I had forgotten about so will need a good sort out.  That will happen later on though.

I will also need to got through the chest of drawers and get them sorted out as well.

Right am off to potter.

Have a lovely evening everyone.

Catch you soon.



I am pleased with what I am finding, but it is going to be a very long week.


  1. Those canvases are beautiful and deserve to be preserved - I think framing them is a wonderful idea.

    1. Thank you Margie, they are lovely too good for cushion covers although that was my initial thought. xx


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