Saturday, 1 October 2011

Crochet Table Cloth

I paid a visit to my Charity Shop last Saturday and found a beautiful cream hand-crotched tablecloth that someone had obviously put a lot of work and effort in.  Not having the pennies on me at the time I asked the Manageress if she could put it up for me and she agreed to do so, so today I have collected this little beauty that is worked in filet crotchet.  I am so chuffed and it will get a lot of love and use.  How much well how much do you think I paid?  Let me know and then later I will reveal how much I actually spent.  I think it is a beauty and am well chuffed as I appreciate beautiful needlework and the time and effort that has gone into "making something"..

I always get lost with filet crotchet patterns but now I have this one to hand I may well try and reproduce it from the one I have to hand.  (That may well be a project for the future though bearing in mind what I have on at the moment) I love the elegance of the filet crotchet patterns - and have many patterns in my archive as many years ago I used to take a well known Crotchet publication.

I am really chuffed with this as it is so pretty and I love rescuing things and rehoming them.  It have a large pine coffee table in the front room and the cloth just falls short the length of this.

Will  post how much it cost later on tonight.

Catch you all soon



P.S.  All this beautiful work in this cloth cost me the princely sum of £4.  Now that I call a bargain.




  1. I just came across this post, though it looks a few years old! The cloth is gorgeous! Would love to see a photo of it laid out on the table. So pretty!

    1. Hi Rhonda thanks for popping by will see what I can do

      Take care




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