Saturday, 12 January 2019

Cold Day

It has been very cold here today in Peterborough.  Dark, cold and grey.  We hardly seem to be seeing the sun at the moment which is not good for anyone's vitamin D levels.

Yesterday I was completely out of action - developed a stinking migraine and ended up going to bed where I have slept for about 16 hours solid .  Have woken up this morning groggy and still with the red hot pokers in the back of the eyes but a lot comfier than yesterday although still not firing on all pistons.  So for once I am not doing much just taking it steady and trying to get myself back into proper functioning order.

I was supposed to have gone for a meal with some friends this afternoon but just not up to - a bit gutted about this but it is a busy venue where we were going and noisy and I just would not have coped with it so better just relaxing at home.

OH has been to the freezer today so we have a right selection of things for eating this week.

We have a whole duck to have tomorrow which I am going to serve with a cherry sauce.  The cherries I preserved myself (I do these every year) and if there is any left over will get used with pancakes and cream.

A couple of meat pies, a prawn ring, a couple of crabs,  fish fingers (for tea later on with some baked beans and chips) comfort food.  We have already had some Cornish pasties.  Peas, cauliflower, parsnips.

Will probably end up going in and having a look tomorrow but at least he got some stuff out to eat.  I do need some mince and stewing steak out though.  These seem to be my staples during the winter months.

Right am off to potter.  Hope you have a good evening catch you soon.



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