A quiet few days

Arm is kicking off a bit at the moment so am going with the flow.  Not done too much as I have not been able to lift up much or do much with the arm.  The exercises are going ahead, just not as well as they were progressing which is completely frustrating.  Tiz just the depth, there are worse things at mill as the saying goes.

Have pottered about a bit doing some things that I need to get done as well as starting off tomorrow night's tea.  Also organising my herbs and spices altogether so that once the Pantry is completed, they can all be put away together in the right places. I have a lot of little terracotta herb and spice pots that I want to put into use.  Am still adding to them when I can find them.

I have started off from scratch a homemade Beef Bourguignon the link is here:

Beef Bourguignon

Have started by macerating some Aberdeen Angus Beef Braising steak in a bottle of wine (recipe stated two bottles), three bay leaves, a good sprinkling of pepper, some Thyme (I have used mixed herbs) and have popped it into one of my large Pyrex bowls covered in clingfilm and it is now in the fridge for at least overnight. I will set too tomorrow and finish it off and make sure that it gets a good long cooking.

Once completed tomorrow, I propose to serve with mashed potatoes and also some Broccoli or Cavolo Nero lightly steamed.  That should keep things nice and simple.

The weather has turned very cold and I think this rib buster of a meal will warm us up very nicely now that we are into hibernation mode.  

I am also considering making another Golden Syrup steamed sponge pudding and an apple pie to be served with custard to finish things off.  That is sounding very appealing at the moment.  Need something to cheer things up a little bit.  What better than a pudding with custard.

Right am off to potter and do a little more before sitting down for the evening.

Catch you soon.




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