Saturday, Sunday and Monday Roundup


Saturday was a busy day in the kitchen for me.  I was up earlier than usual as I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Mid-morning I started to go downhill a bit and felt a bit grotty.  Always happens when I have an earlier morning.  System does not like it.  Sat down and had a coffee and recharged a bit and then started off again. Dishwasher and the washer have been cleaned on programmes.  Outside will be finished on Sunday when I start again.  I really managed to get quite a bit done and feel as though at long last I am getting somewhere.  Goodness me though I am going to have to send some stuff to the Charity shop.  Not just yet though as there are a couple of things missing which go with items found in the kitchen and I know I have them. Want them to go off complete.  

The shelf fell down under the sink with a thwump.  Did not know it was the shelf until I went to put something under the sink, and found it collapsed on itself.  G has sorted that and the cupboard has also been scrubbed out and all the cleaning stuff sorted and re-arranged.  I can find stuff now and I have an idea of what I need to buy on the cleaning front. I did find my covered roaster with lid though.  Lid has been missing for a while and so that has been put back with the base.  Mind you I do feel wiped out.  Still a lot more to do, but starting to look as though am getting to the end of it.  The cupboard re-organisation I did the other week is now working well. I am hoping this week to really be able to gallop on with things, prime aim is to get the kitchen done, then the Pantry and then the Bathroom by the end of the week.  G will not be happy as it involves painting.  Fortunately the kitchen, Pantry and the Bathroom are not too big, although they will need a couple of coats of paint.  It will be good to get everything sorted.  The Dining room will be a disaster until I get these done as there are still loads of things to go into the kitchen out of the dining room, more particularly the Pantry.  Once that is all done and dusted we should be able to clear and organise a lot of stuff.  I will then be able to find a lot of stuff when I want it.

The washer will get dragged out tomorrow so that I can give that a good strip down and also the walls and floor as well.  G has to pull this out for me as I can no longer manage it on my own.  

Tea was Cod loins for G and I had a small piece of naturally smoked Haddock.  Served with a poached egg and some wholemeal bread and butter.  Went down very nicely.  However did not get sat down until 7:30pm.  Very tired so just going to sit and chill a bit.  Will have an early night as am so shattered.


The day started off well, but quickly went down hill partly due to the fact I had no energy and then the washing machine threw a wobbly and would not work.  I have a Samsung Digital Inverter Ecobubble VTR+ 9kg washing machine which I have had about 8 years.  Quite honestly it is the best washing machine I have ever had in 40+ years.  Eventually found out that there was a problem with the door, it has been remedied for the moment but it is going to need sorting out. I have an add-in hatch which can be opened to add washing in. My washing machine is the piece of equipment I just could not do without.  It is going again now, so hopefully will be able to get all my washing cleared on Monday.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.  I cannot drag the machine out as it is a hefty one and G has to drag it out for me to clean in any event.  Whilst he had the washer out, I took the opportunity of giving the back and floor a wash and brush up.  Everything nice and clean again now.

Due to the issues with the washing machine in that it was late by the time we got it going again, I did not cook and G ordered a carvery meal in, instead to save me having to set too and cook, which I would have been quite happy to have done.  It was later in the day though, after the shenanigans with the washer, so I was grateful.  I will therefore be cooking roast dinner tomorrow evening, and making enough to go through to Tuesday.  The menu plan has therefore slipped by a day on the planned items.  No big deal, and we quite often vary things around a bit.


As the washing machine was now doing its stuff had to go out and about to get stocked up on some items.  I needed to top up with loo paper, washing powder, stain remover, fabric conditioner, cleaning cloths, furniture polish, disinfectant and a few other things.  Still did not get everything, but will top up where we can next month.  Also nipped to a local supermarket to get topped up with my gravy making essential bits and bobs (yet again the majority).

Some more things done in the kitchen when got back, but nothing substantial today; at least some things got accomplished.

Washer has been on, getting boil washes done on household linen. Some is in the tumble dryer to get it dry. Will start on the clothes later on/first thing tomorrow.  Monday for the best part still seems to be my main wash day, although there are fluctuations now and then.

Tea was lovely. Had the roast pork that had been designated for yesterday but which we did not get to.  Served with roasties, steamed shredded buttered cabbage, peas, carrots, broccoli, roasting onions, and a cauliflower cheese.  Lots of gravy as usual.

Sorry Mandy forgot to take a before photo.  Will try better next time.

Needless to say went down very well on this cold damp evening.  We have had rain most of the day.

Going to put my feet up tonight.  More to do tomorrow though.

Keep warm, keep safe, wherever you are.

Catch you soon.




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