Thursday, 6 May 2021

Please bear with me

 Having issues with the local internet at the site we are on hampered by the fact I bought OH's laptop instead of my own and dont have the passwords.  If get a chance to connect and post I will.



Wednesday, 5 May 2021

A bit of a catchup


We had a lovely day taking daughter and grandchildren to our favourite Butchers which is on a local farm and part of a larger complex all set up for families.  We had a lot of laughs with the youngsters and with daughter and had a lovely time as well as getting a few bits for our holiday.  There is a walk around the farm plus play area, tea shop as well as loads of other fCilities.  We walked through part of the wood and ghe bluebells were out. Very pleasant sadly spoiled as had to leave earlier than planned due to oldest grand having a seizure.

He is ok.


My birthday another year older.  Normally on my birthday weather is usually fine but started off cold and grey.  Made sure the moggies were all set for the cattery and they had their beds, towels, grooming equipment and toys. By the time we left the house it was bucketing down with rain.  Journey was not too bad into deepest darkest Lincolnshire and the area of my birth however the Sat Nav deviated again and took us a different way.  I am going to ban it before long and get another map book. At least I can chuck a map book at him when he goes wrong.  Roads not suitable for towing caravans again.

Normally on birthdays I do a nice meal and as we had been shopping on the Sunday I assumed OH was going to cook for me for a change.  To be fair he did cook but it wasn't what I expected Beefburger in a bun!  OH well he knows how to treat a girl!


It chucked it down with rain for the best part of the day.  We ventured into Woodhall to do some essential shopping the sort of stuff that I keep as base items in the van so as to save having to lug them everytime down to the van.  Saves an awful lot of messing about.  Otherwise we spent time keeping warm and just chilling with me doing some prepping for making preserves later in the year.

I was supposed to cook but in the end we ended up having chipolatas in tomatoes with lots of white pepper.  It is a family favourite.

Access to internet limited so will have a load of catching up to do when I get home.

Enjoying the break thus far.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx

Friday, 30 April 2021


 This morning I ventured into town for the first time in the best part of 8 weeks or more.  I was not happy to go in but needed to shop for basic stuff that we use on a regular basis.  I normally use Wilkos for this combined with the £ shop.  It is a form of bulk shopping for basics.

These days I tend just to pick a couple of shops to go to and then if necessary go back another day.  I may have to do this as I have found a few more things since coming home that I actually need.

I am still not 100% and firing on all systems and so found the small jaunt this morning quite tiring.  From Wilkos went to the £ shop but quickly ditched that because of the size of the queue and I could not find what I was looking for in any event.

So then headed in the direction of Primark.  Another no go and queues outside the centre to get in the shop.  Abandoned that as well.

So I then headed into M & S as I had decided that I was going to cook a simple chicken meal for tea tonight together with fresh veggies.  Managed to get my chicken and the veggies I wanted and had a quick flit through the food store and that was it.  I could not carry much in any event.

Coming out of the Centre to Church Street, St John's Church area it was blatantly apparent that all the new eateries in that are were not following the 1 metre distancing.  There were no end of people sprawling about too close together.  Things are not over yet and yes restrictions have lifted but not that much.  I really do despair at the mindless "I am alright Jack" mentality.  Lemmings that will scream if anything happens to them.  

I know that I am one of the lucky ones in that I have received all my vaccinations and I am grateful for that however an awful lot of people haven't.

I think I must just be a grumpy guts.  I am preferring to do stuff and keeping my distance as best we can.  We are not courting crowded venues or anything like that just want to potter without impinging or impacting anyone else.

We then went on to the caravan as we had some work to do there as well before coming home this afternoon and then cooking the evening meal.  I have more stuff to locate for the caravan as well a little later on.  This is going to be like a Chinese jigsaw puzzle locating stuff.  Oh well what is new.

Catch you soon.



Starting to Deal with Personal Blockages - Part One Health

In theory I do tend to try and get stuff out of the way with so that I am not caught on the hop.  However, I plead the seventh amendment on this in that I am a great procrastinator and tend to put off things, especially things that frighten me or ones where I am out of my comfort zone.  I have to learn to be braver and not as frightened of my own shadow.

For the past four years I have been at home and it looks as though for the foreseeable future this will be the case.  In all honesty I do not think that I could cope with a full time job on the level I had back then.  I am very sure that the decision I made to take redundancy is still very much the right decision for me then and now.  However what I have found difficult to come to terms is that I absolutely loved my job as a Legal Secretary/PA and after 34 years of in many respects being defined by that job, then coming out of it, what form or function did I have.  I have been struggling with this but have since come to the decision that I am who I am does not matter what I do I am me no matter what, warts n all. You will either love me or hate me.  I have a Master's Degree in driving people up the wall by just being me. I have been struggling with motivation interspersed with quite a lot of fatigue which has not helped.  I also need to get both of these aspects under control as well.

I know that for me to progress and move forwards I need to clear some personal blockages when it comes to me as a person.  Even more highlighted since my recent illness.  It has also made me reassess myself on a fresh perspective.  I am not a 100% yet, far from it; I feel tired and drained

Ultimately I am a Reiki Master who quite happily will help out those that need it.  However I do tend to leave myself last on the list and I know that has also got to stop for me to be more connected to myself and to the vessel.  I am pretty sure that a lot of the recent illness is due to a spiritual blockage based on my procrastination and therefore I have come up with a little plan (well to start with) in order to try and make myself healthier and also reclaim my latent power.  It is some while since I worked with the healing over two years.  I am feeling the stirrings to work again however this will not be until I know where I am going with my health issues.  Once they are all under control I can then do a thorough detox/cleanse and grounding and then start the healing again.

The list consists of the following:

I need to get my health issues back under control.

1.  Gallstone problem:

I have an initial appointment with the hospital for 11 November 2021 for an ultrasound initially.  From what I understand if they can use the ultrasound to dissolve the stones, they prefer to do this and then see how you get on with a closer watch on my diet.  More low fat meals I believe.  I will apparently find out about 10 days afterwards as to what protocol they intend to use for my treatment.

If the gall bladder does need removing it depends on your own medical conditions and what is going on with you at that particular time as to the approach taken.  Where possible they tend to do key hole surgery but not every one is a suitable candidate for that.  

If you have to have general surgery you are incapacitated for longer as you end up having a full general anaesthetic, and are usually in hospital for about a week then have to take things very carefully for the next six weeks after that. Particular attention will have to be followed to a low fat diet from then on in.  

2.  Teeth:  

My teeth are dropping to bits and large chunks have broken off in recent weeks.  I mentioned it to the Doctor when I saw him the other week and like me he also suspects that lack of Vitamin D is the culprit.  Even though I am on a proprietary Vitamin D Tablet, I have changed the version I am on to Vitamin D3.   This is something that also runs in the family.  My mum used to have injections for this.  

The appointment with the new Dentist is on 13 May.  I am terrified but I know it needs to be dealt with and the sooner the better.  We shall then see what the plan of attack will be after the initial appointment with them and how  much it is going to cost.  I suspect it will be another referral to the hospital!  The grounds for this are that with me having the epilepsy if I were to have an attack whilst under anaesthesia, the practice is not covered on the insurance front.  Not only that but a hospital is better set up to react to such a situation were it to happen.  

3.  Weight and Diet:

In light of the recent gallstone issues I need to start sorting cooking slightly differently to what I do at the moment.  Just a slight adjustment should do the trick.  Hopefully this should also help me lose some weight in the longer term as well.  Something which I need to do.

4.  Exercise:

Need to walk into town at least twice a week now that Covid Restrictions have been lessened.  The walking into town and around town has in the past help me lose weight.  I need to continue to be able to do this as it keeps me moving more freely as well.  Just the walking in is effective.   When I have shopping I struggle to walk and carry at the same time.

5.  Mental Health and wellbeing:

Hopefully, all the above should help me get back on the path of what is right and necessary for me to maintain my system, to reclaim my power and my mindfulness.  I need to find my joy in each new day, my purpose as well tempered with unconditional love.

It is early days yet, b ut I am determined to do something about this, as after all, I still have an awful lot of living to do.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 28 April 2021

A little update

'Thank you all for your various good wishes.  Very much appreciated.

Thing's have not been terribly good here but they are slowly getting better.  I should take the last lot of pain killers and antibiotics tomorrow and at least now I am a lot more comfortable than I have been.  Would not wish that on my worst enemy.  Hospital have been in touch as well for the ultrasound and that is due to take place on 11 May.  I have to starve myself for six hours prior to the testing.  Me starve!  Well I am off my food quite a bit at the moment and am being very careful with what I am eating which is not terribly much.  I think things will be a lot lower fat for the foreseeable.  I should then find out about 10 days after as to how they wish to progress.

These things are sent to try us and yet another medical label for the list.  Honestly, I am getting a bit bored with this and a bit frustrated to say the least.

I have not really been up to much in the past week or so and have slept an awful lot.  Perhaps that has been for the best as I have not been able to focus or concentrate on anything in particular.  In fact am getting very fed up of not being able to get stuck in.  At least I am listening to what my body is saying this time round.

At the end of the day I am very lucky and grateful for the quick response I have had from the medical services in these very troubled times.  I shall be happy when I can get back to legging it all over the place again will do me good from an exercise perspective.  I need to lose some weight again.

Right off to potter.

Hope everyone else is doing really well.

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 22 April 2021


 Well have got to the bottom of what is going on with my health. Monday evening I ended up ringing my GP practice as it appeared my sliding hiatus hernia and my acid reflux was playing up.  I was given certain advice to make myself more comfy.  On Tuesday I took it easy but just above my belly button was very sore.  That night I did not sleep as I could not get comfy. Yesterday morning my sore belly wS joined by pain on my right hand side and I was feeling bilious again although was not actually sick.  Therefore rang Doctor and he fortunately agreed to see me.  Our favourite Doctor who is very direct, stands no nonsense and gets things sorted. very efficiently. He examined me and apparently I have gall stones.  I have been put on antibiotics and pain killers as well as being told to top up with paracetomol.  I under normal circumstances have quite a high pain threshold but this has been an absolute killer.  I have not been able to get comfy at all.  Dr ordered bloods as well which got done there and then however I wasnt as usual giving any blood up.  Bless her she tried 3 times..  He has also arranged an ultrasound with the hospital.  Apparently hospital will contact me by phone to arrange.  So please bear with me on posting until I can regain some normality. The pain killers together with the antibiotics are making me sleep a lot.

Will catch up as soon as I can.



Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Useful Kitchen Equipment for when you grow

....... your own veggies and then process said vegetables. The commonest ways of preserving by the various forms of preserving known to us i.e. chutneys, pickles, Pressure canned in a professional Canner (not a pressure cooker) there is a distinct difference, dehydrated/dried, made into wines, frozen, etc. etc. and then [put up on the pantry shelf or into the deep freeze] for sustaining your family during the winter months.

I have been preserving by different methods for over 40 years.  We have grown our own veg over the years, but sadly after OH sustained a back injury that kind of went by the wayside.  However this is something I am keen to redress. However, I do make up for it as I have a good local veg shop and I am always looking for bargains to squirrel away in one form or another.

During our gardening years I invested in some specialist equipment.  The first piece I bought was a Victorio Tomato/passata press which was hand cranked and took all the pips out of the sauce. You can process the tomatoes from fresh without having to take the peels off, resulting in a much fresher pasta sauce and I believe although I have not tried that preserves can also be made out some of the skins.

About five years ago, i was watching a You Tube video of an Italian Grandmother doing her yearly batch of canning her tomatoes.  It was quite informative in that it showed how she dealt with a large quantity of tomatoes and bought in bulk, prepared and then processed all on her own.

The reference code is here as well:

There are also a load of other recipes that she has covered.  I am always interested in food and although sometimes she is a little hard to understand you do get the general drift of what she  needs you to do.

When you have pounds and pounds of an ingredient to process like, tomatoes and apples, plums, pears, cooking apples as well as mixed fruits of different types you have to have some tricks up your sleeve to deal with the processing as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The machine I bought four to five years ago is this:

I bought this at a time when this was not available in this country and it cost me £250 with import charges.  A very considered purchase but it is a lot cheaper now.  Let me clarify though, as I bought the basic hand cranked model 250, I also bought the extra screens which are not part or were not then part of the basic pack.  These are a berry screen, a grape spiral, pumpkin screen, and salsa screen.  The apple/tomato screen comes with the basic hand cranked model.  

However you can get an electric motor to go with this.  Please note that this motor is for the 250 model only.

If you want to read more then this is just one post I picked up on Amazon.  

Victorio Tomato Press

The company is called Victorio, but has recently had a name change to VKP Products.  Searching for either should bring up suitable results.

However I have found a couple of You Tube Videos that show how the machine is used in its basic format.  I|f you purchase the motor, it works pretty much the same although you have to follow the directions.


Just to give you some idea of what it can do.

By the way this is not an advertisement for a company at all and I have not received any kind of incentive to talk about this product.  I just think it is really good and it has certainly helped me an awful lot over the years.

I also have the Victorio Steam Canner as well which I have spoken about before which I really do like. 

I do hope that this article helps, especially if you grow a lot of your own food, or like me buy in from local shops or take advantage of reduced items to feed your family and to make sure that there is always something interesting to eat either in the freezer or in the pantry.  There is always something to be preserved somewhere.

I am all about making work lighter or the load lighter as it were.  If something helps then it is worth the investment.

Catch you soon.



Tuesday, 20 April 2021

The Day After Monday

 After a very uncomfortable night, and eventually dropping off to sleep, I woke at 6:30am and promptly dropped off back to sleep again.  There was no hurry to get up and so I have taken the time out to rest up a little and showing myself a little TLC.  I do not have the pain now, and I had taken some Ibruprofen but was told categorically by the Medical Assistant to keep away from Ibruprofen at all costs.  I am to stick to paracetamol.  I am sore today but a lot better than I was last night.  I bought new jeans last year and they were a size smaller than I used to be.  However since lockdown, I have put on a little weight.  My logic is that maybe this has something to do with it as well.  So me eating only what I need may be a good way of getting rid of those few pounds I have put on.  I am also going to start walking again into town to get a bit more exercise as that is how I lost the weight before.  It does not help with OH now being retired as he is here near enough all day and in some respects expects at least one meal a day if not two.  However, I have told him that we have to cut back a bit as it is not doing me any good.  Not that I each as much as him.  I tend to dish things up but then not always eat them.

I have some dehydrating to do after yesterday's foraging trip so have plenty to do but fortunately compared to a lot of things this is relatively easy to accomplish.  It will be good to have some different supplies to hand.  I will be going back later in the week as there are lots of goodies I want to make.

I also cooked OH "Brunch" very much a man's breakfast/brunch meal.  It included bacon, chipolata sausages, fried field mushrooms, fried eggs, fried Fruit Pig Black Pudding, Fried Fruit Pig White Pudding.  My stomach was not up to this but he soon polished it off.  The Fruit Pig Puddings are the puddings we bought via Craft'D that arrived the other day.

I found a new recipe which used sourdough bread which had been toasted (I did not have sourdough today and so I substituted this for two slices of standard bread) which had been toasted and buttered, with scrambled eggs on top and then dressed with chopped wild garlic which I had not had before and it was absolutely delicious.  Something that I will definitely have again.  Needless to say will be going back to get more goodies out of the hedgerows and I will certainly be freezing some of the garlic leaves and stems.  Will be very useful within the current year and if I make enough might last me all the way to when it is in season next year.

Hopefully will get all the drying sorted out and then onto the wines and cordials.

 I have been rooting around the internet a little bit today and have found several more projects to add to the list of to do's or things I want to have a go at again or things I have never attempted to do.  It is best to be busy overall.  

Am off to bed now.

Catch you later.



Monday catch up and First Foraging Trip of the Year

This post should have been lodged yesterday.  Unfortunately I was unwell last night again and had to get in touch with medical services via our GP Surgery as I had quite a lot of pain.  They asked a lot of questions and I learned a few things about the medication that I am taking and that I can take a little more if necessary. I had been taking the required dose, but apparently if I have an upset like this I can have a further pill to try and calm things down.  However by the time I got to speak so to someone (within two hours the pain was subsiding.  They were satisfied from my responses that I was on the mend but I have been told that if it gets unbearable again to get right back in touch with them.  I am extremely grateful that I was able to speak to someone to answer my concerns, without necessarily diving in and seeing a Doctor or alternatively turning up at A & E when there is no real need too. I was worried because of the amount of pain, but apparently they think I just suffered a bad Reflux attack.  I have a high pain threshold in any event, but this was a bit unbearable and I did not know where to put myself.  I could not sit comfortably at all.  It is a shame really as I had had such a lovely day


It has been a beautiful mild day here in Peterborough  A lot warmer than it has been and the bonus is the sun has been out all day.  Various household chores have been accomplished, namely sorting out the washing, getting it dried and starting to tackle the bedding for the caravan, the cushions etc. in readiness for our next excursion.  We have to go to the van soon in any event as it needs a good strip out and cleansing on the inside and out.  

Another issue has also been accomplished we have located a Dentist; a private one, but a Dentist all the same.  D Day is 13 May 2021.  I have a couple of weeks to get used to the idea. Gulp!  OH is coming with me.  He also has an appointment guess who he has sent in first!

We have walked her Highness, Missy this afternoon.  It has been a lovely walk.  The birds were singing their hearts out, it was lovely and quiet nobody else about down by the river. Missy also had her first paddle of the year!  Guess who got wet on the way home.  By way of explanation, Missy when she travels in the car is usually sat on my lap so she can see where we are going! 

The other day when we went out I noticed a big patch of nettles nowhere near where anyone was walking and so today I went with my barest of foraging kits a small pair of scissors, a carrier bag and a rubber glove.  We were proposing dealing with nettles and so precaution is better than cure.

So today, therefore I have had my first foraging trip of the year.  I have a bag full of nettles, to be dried.  However, I also have plans to make nettle beer and nettle wine and maybe some nettle cordial.   

I also found some Sticky Willy  I  love that name more commonly known as  (Goosegrass/Cleavers),  I am also going to dry this.  From what I remember it is good at cleaning the blood  There are plenty of both where I have been today, so will go back another day once I have processed what I have found today.  I am in my element when I am foraging.  There is so much growth in the hedgerows sprouting and full of promise for the days to come.

On the way home I asked OH if he knew of anywhere that had wild garlic growing.  He did not know but suspected an area nearer to home in some woodland, and so we decided to stop and have a look.  To start with did not find anything at all, but then I located a reasonable sized patch of this, and so have come back with a good few handfuls to process.  Yet again we can always go back another day so I will end up with double the pleasure.  I also found a bigger patch of Sticky Willy/Cleavers/Goosegrass whichever name you know them by near the wild garlic patch.

I am looking forward to playing with these and finding different ways of preserving them as I have not done much with these in the past.

I also may have to go on a Dandelion hunt another day.  There are a couple of recipes I want to test out on these as well.

I am very much looking forward to many more foraging trips this year, especially the Elderflower for Elderflower Champagne and Cordial.  There is also the Hawthorn Blossom (May) which can be used as well.

I will update later today on what has been happening today.

Catch you all soon.



Sunday, 18 April 2021

Sunday Potterings

 I initially woke at 6:00am and listened to the birds before being lulled back to sleep.  The sun was starting to creep in at 6:00am.  Eventually woke up at 9:00am and the sun was a lot stronger by then.  It was warm, the birds were singing their hearts out and it was quiet.  No noise from people at all just quiet.  It was lovely.  I was comfortable and it was a privilege to be in that moment without it being spoilt at all,  A time to smell the roses I believe is the quote often used.  Not that we have any roses at the moment but they are on the ever growing list.

Precious time without any disturbance.  Then OH woke up and someone started work with a drill in another household.  It shattered the moment.  Its at times like this that I want to be back in either a tiny village or a hamlet where the real world cannot impinge as much and you have the time and space to find your own peace and quiet and own quiet retreat.   I am a country girl at heart and would jump at the chance of moving back into a small village.  I suppose it is what you are used to but it does suit me better.  

I cooked OH his breakfast a fry up.  I did not fancy much but I did have a chipolata bun with some ketchup which was enough for me.  I am also drinking a lot more water.

From there OH decided that we needed compost and some planters.  I had mentioned the other day that I could not plant the trees on until I had the same.  So off I went.  Round Home Bargains which was a first.  They have only just moved to the City and started trading earlier this year.  I was quite surprised with the prices.  Reminded me a bit of a cross between B & M and Lidl/Aldi.  Had quite a lot of food items which seem to have been very reasonably priced.  I would like to go back when it is a bit quieter and have a better look around but I did like what I saw.

Managed to get seven planters for the trees, I have two black cherry, two plum and a pear, cherry and apple trees.  The planters are large black ones (I normally go for terracotta if I can but they did not have any this size in that colourway).  I looked at the compost but it was only sold in small bags and I would need a bag and a half for each pot.  I am hoping OH will take me to B & Q to actually get the larger sacks of compost which I normally use.

The prices were extremely good on soap powder and conditioners including the large square tubs of conditioner which I normally get from the cash and carry for under £5.  There is quite a lot of fabric conditioner in there and it normally lasts a good while.  I have picked up a pack of the Surf Coconut double pods for washing.  Yet again this was under a fiver.

Whilst there I had a look at their plant area which did not seem too bad.  I found trays of 10 violas at £1.49 per pack of 10.  I came away with four packs.  They will come in very handy for crystallised flowers for cakes and also for popping into ice cubes to fancy them up a bit for those long cool summer drinks such as Pimms.

There is so much you can do with edible flowers and herbs that so many people do not know about.  Everyone knows about Elderflower cordial but you can also make rose petal syrup/cordial and also honeysuckle syrup/cordial.  There are a myriad of uses as well.  We all think that syrups in coffees are the in thing, but they have been around in many forms for many years.  Often they were used as essences, or used to pour on cakes or even when diluted with water the precursor of the common squash that we consume in copious quantities.  I have quite a few older recipes and newer ones that I have collected along the way.  However getting to some of my books at the moment is night on an impossibility however I will keep working at finding them.

Tonight we are having a small joint (for us) of pork; the loin cut.  It looks rather yummy and I have prepared roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, Kale, peas, carrots and broccoli.  I was going to do cabbage as it goes so well with pork but the Kale needed using up first.  As I have said before I am not one to waste anything.  We also have pork and sage and onion stuffing with lots of gravy to go with.  

Pudding is a small apple and blackberry pie with either custard or cream.  

Now I shall be stuffed however I am going carefully on amount. A little of everything for me but not in great quantities.

Tea was extremely scrummy and the best news is there is enough left for tomorrow night's tea.  Just have to cook fresh veg.  Will probably have cabbage tomorrow.  We had pudding with custard in the end.

i hope everyone has had a lovely day.

It is an early start for us again tomorrow as OH has to go to the Doctors first thing.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



Saturday 17 April 2021 Before and After

The day the Royal Family said goodbye to their loved one.  Very sad.  A man of vision and such a kind man. He will be sadly missed.  I did watch the funeral later on TV after we came home.

Today for me has not been a bad day at all, all round.  I feel much better than I did.  I have been taking things easy though and watching how much I eat, when I eat it etc.

The delivery driver arrived in good time and we received the delivery of Charcuterie items we had ordered.

Trying a different supplier this time predominantly for Charcuterie items. This is not a sponsored post, and we paid for items.  Completely our own views but thought that you might also be interested in seeing what they offer.

The items arrived in a box but were supplied and packed in nice insulated cool bag with packs that can be reused. Company called Craft'd web site: 


Apparently they also have a You Tube site. and they provide a variety of artisanal foods. 

In our box today, there is Chorizo, Sopressetta, Coppa, Bresaola and Fennel Salami. There is also a jar of Chicken Liver pate with Port and Pork Rillette.  What I like about the pate's, is that I can recycle the jars.  Think might be ordering more of these in the future.

We have yet to receive the Black Pudding and White Pudding we ordered which is coming under separate cover (for us) one lot arrived which we had bought in for step-son. Lots of lovely goodies. We intend to have a nibble platter later with some of each of these plus some cheese, buns and pickles. 

As planned OH then took me to my favourite Butcher's Johnsons of Old Hurst.  I stocked up on several things as it has been over a year since we last visited.  I bought bread rolls to go with the Charcuterie meal planned for this evening, some crusty ones for \OH and some soft ones for me.  I also bought some Hot Cross Buns, Cornish pasties, Haslet, Brawn, chipolatas, bacon (Green Back Bacon with no nasty  preservatives) some Barnsley Lamb chops, a joint of Pork for tomorrow's dinner, and some sausage-meat for stuffing, as well as a couple of stuffing mixes, fresh veggies, bunched carrots, broccoli, Kale, Romanesco, mushrooms, some Hash Browns, cress, and an apple and blackberry pie.  So did not do too badly. 

Also found some Strawberries at the Butcher's this morning so will have with some cream. They smell wonderful. Do so hope they live up to their promise.  

They have a fantastic cook shop section at the farm.  I found a couple of items that hopefully will be able to save up for in the coming months.  OH has indicated that we will go again before we leave for our next break so I may be able to snaffle at least one item then.  Fingers crossed.

From there OH decided to treat us to a cooked breakfast.  It was tasty and went down a treat.  It was lovely to sit out in the sun even though the breeze was a little chilly, we were sat in the sun and it was nice and warm.

We then came back to Peterborough and picked up Missy to take her walkies.  She does not appreciate being left and gets all over-excited voicing her pleasure at seeing you but displeasure at being left in the first place.  Boy does she get in a state.  We do not leave her a lot often taking her with us but we could not take her into the Butcher's so it was a no go.

On the way to walk Missy we dropped off what we had purchased for step-son.  We also had earlier on made a visit to step-daughter as well so both were treated.  On the way back from walking Missy, OH called in at the pub.  We were there when the minutes silence was held for Prince Philip.  It was just nice to have a quick drink and then come on our way again.

Tea was nice and simple at the end of the day haven't gone too mad. 

I had a mini cottage loaf with butter on which was nice and soft cut in half with Pork Rillette which is similar to potted beef. It was delicious. served with pickled shallots and some slices of Chorizo and Sopresseta. Seriously tasty. Also tried chicken pate with Port and that was lush too.


The "pates" were Cornish Charcuterie products which are made near Bude about 10 miles from where we normally stay at St Tinney Farm, Otterham, when we go. In a really unspoilt part of Cornwall. We still have loads more to try. Also have some Brawn and Haslet to add to the mix too.   We also had strawberries and cream for pudding!

They were beautiful  and they were Dutch, packaged in cardboard and although a tad pricey, were very tasty. 

I finished off with a cheeky little Gin and lemonade for tonight Tonight's version is Absolute Pear. Served with a lot of lemonade suits me fine. Chin-Chin

So all in all a very pleasant day.

Catch you all soon.



Friday, 16 April 2021

Bit of a catch up

 I have not really had a very good week as I have not been well for the past couple of days.  This time not to do with what I have eaten or not, but the outcome still the same.  It seems that when I bend at all it is putting pressure on my hernia and in effect creasing me.  I am going to have to lose some more weight - it will do no harm.  I will get to the Doctor shortly.  All my other instincts seem to have been right, but on further investigation some of my other conditions could be impacting too.  Its like a large jig saw puzzle where you put things together bit by bit.  Well I did say I would probably have to go back to the drawing board at some point. I cam only learn what is best for me by trying different strategies.  I am blowed if I am going to let a condition affect my quality of life.

As a result of not being well, I have not really felt like cooking either.  I have gone on to light rations.  For instance this evening I have had some bought chicken soup and some bread and butter and that has been enough.  Fortunately no side effects either.  Tomorrow morning for breakfast, I quite fancy pancakes with mixed fruit.  For mid-day I may therefore try some scrambled egg for lunch tomorrow.  I think the trick for me is going to be eating smaller meals; as I have said it will do no harm.  Hopefully in the next few weeks or so I will also be able to leg it into town, have a walk round and then walk home again.  Walking has always been a good exercise for me.  I shall put the steps programme back on my phone again to keep track of things.

Since my computer was hacked I have run security software for the past few days.  Initially it got rid of three unwanted intruders and then today the security popped up saying that there was a low risk problem and so I have had to run the full scans again.  However, I am still having issues with my emails.  I seem to be getting some emails but not all of them.  Have followed their instructions as required but not sure quite what is going on.  So if you email me and do not hear anything it may be because of this.  To tell the truth it is doing my head in.  I am also blocking any suspicious senders.  From what I can gather there seems to have been quite a few people who have been bothered in the last month or so.  They obviously do not having anything better to do!

I have also started making a list of my passwords as I keep forgetting them and in light of the recent problems I have had I do not think that this is before time.  I will get organised one day.

Just because I have not been cooking does not mean I have not ordered some new bits and bobs to try this time on the Charcuterie front.  That delivery is due tomorrow.  Will post up further details tomorrow. We are fond of Charcuterie as we are of cheese.  

OH I think is also going to take me to Johnston's of Old Hurst tomorrow as well.  It has been quite a few months since we last visited.  It is my preferred butcher for Green Back Bacon (no preservatives in it) and I do like their sausages and sausage-meat as well as meat generally although it is a bit pricier than some other places.  However they do produce it all themselves including rare breeds, venison, emu etc.  They actually have the animals on the farm in a mini park.

I am also hoping to get out for a walk with OH over the weekend.  I am after nettles this time. Apparently dried nettles have much more vitamin content in them than spinach and are meant to help the immune system and some of the conditions I have so I thought that I might give this a whirl and see how I get on.

In all honesty I have not done much but rest up and sleep and play on the computer a little bit.  I have several ideas for future posts though.  Will be working on these shortly.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Tuesday (Yesterday)

 Was extremely busy and when I eventually managed to get into the kitchen and start work in there again.  I have lots to do and lots to catch up on, but as a result of working in the kitchen and trying to get as much done as I can, still no work on the embroidery.  Will get back to it as I do not want the lap quilt to "lay" without any further work on it.  As I have said from the outset, I need to get this completed as soon as I possibly can.  It is another early start tomorrow, as I continue with plugging along with the work that needs doing.  Once everything is spick and span again I can really start motoring on the cooking side again.  I also have the fridge to scrub out but that will happen later tomorrow in any event.

I am hoping that OH goes fishing soon.  I have a particular project I want to do whilst he is out of the way, which involves decorating and sorting the cupboard under the stairs.  This needs to be turned into a general store as it were as I have a lot of expensive kitchen equipment which is currently in the cupboards but this needs to be moved so that he stuff I use on a more regular basis can be accessed more easily.  It will also house some of my general equipment like vacuum, ironing board etc.  Once that is completed I can then tackle the fireside cupboard and turn that into a vase, preserve and drink storage area. I also need to get that equipment out of the kitchen first, in order that the next stage of the kitchen project can progress. Well that is the plan in any event.

I must say that the fair weather today has been a boon.  On checking the weather forecast another similar day is predicted for tomorrow.

So tomorrow will be very much a repetition of today apart from the fact that I have  load of washing to sort out and get dried as well.  Going to be another early and busy day.   Think OH is proposing to go t the caravan to do some more work on it tomorrow.  I might whilst he is out also have a quick trip to the charity shop to have a look.  It is absolutely ages since I last visited (like so many) and perhaps the thing I have missed the most.  I also have some bits and bobs for them.

Last night I also managed to sort another bag of miscellaneous items in the front bedroom.  Intend to try and do this and get things sorted little by little that way on things hopefully will not overwhelm me.

I must say that the sun has been creeping through very gradually and the birds have been singing their hearts out this morning.  It is peaceful at the moment despite living in a busy City.

Catch up soon.



Monday, 12 April 2021

It has been a funny old day

It has been one of those days where I was so full of energy and ideas but at the end of it all nothing materialised.   Getting very fed up with losing the momentum as it were and not in the mood to focus.

My arm has been very painful from the injection yesterday but is now calming down a bit, which I am pleased about.  I am so glad that I opted to have it in my left arm again, so that I can still use my right hand which is my dominant hand.  I have been wanting to do some embroidery, but yet again have not been able to settle to it and it is driving me up the wall.

OH was supposed to go to the caravan today to do some repairs but never got there.  He is planning to go tomorrow.  I have to stay in as I am expecting a delivery.  I think it is some earrings, but am not terribly sure, that were ordered a while back.  So I have to wait in for the parcel.  Which means I will deal with the kitchen stuff tomorrow whilst I am waiting for the delivery.  What is annoying is that we were in this morning when the parcel was supposed to be delivered but despite the note on the front door no one came to the back as requested.

I have also been plotting and planning some future projects to have a go at.  As I have not been able to accomplish anything better to use my time in planning something.  I am making a list and getting things organised to do so that I can just set too and work things that are alike in a more time efficient manner.  That is the hope.  I do need to get to the charity shop though as some of the items I need work out cheaper to buy this way on.   Better to recycle or upcycle something if possible and help a good cause if I can.  Will only buy new if absolutely have to.

I may have to go into town later in the week as I need to obtain some new cleaning items which need replacing in readiness for getting on with the spring clean.  I also need some lemon oil.  I have plenty of spirit vinegar.  I also need some magic erasers.

One of the things I am looking forward to is having my hair done again when I can book an appointment with my hairdresser over the road.  I look a bit of a raggle taggle gypsy.  I also need to locate a dentist as my teeth are also being a bit of a problem.  Trouble is I am terrified and I mean terrified of the dentist!  My vitamin D and acid reflux have wrecked my teeth. However locating a dentist has been a bit difficult here.  It will get sorted.  Fortunately no tooth ache at the moment but I know it is coming.  The other problem is that whenever I need something doing like taking teeth out they usually deal with me at the hospital in case I fit.  They are better set up at the hospital to deal with me if that happens and I also think that the Dentists' insurance does not cover them if anything goes wrong.  Plus with all the other issues.  It has caused problems in the past.  Like the root canal treatment that went wrong and I ended up waiting nine months to have the stump removed.  They then nearly had to stop the surgery because my heart started racing as I was getting so stressed. I would rather be knocked out completely!

I also want to start sorting some of the stuff out in the front bedroom.  I have managed to work through one bag.  Will try and do a bit each day, just a little bit and that way on hopefully will start to see some movement.  Once I have like with like and everything is sorted I will then be able to see what I have and what I do not have.

I am pleased for all the businesses that they are being able to start to trade again.  I just hope everyone is sensible about the requirements and adheres to them.  I also hope that people if they travel to other areas are going to be respectful and keep their distance from the locals to keep them safe as well.

I have also found another embroidery kit which I bought second-hand although the kit has not been worked.  I had thought all the threads were there but there are some missing and so I am going to have to get those sorted out.  I have repackaged the kit in any event and popped that with the other kits I have found recently.  Once the kits are together as it were they can the be worked in turn as they will be ready to go.  The instruction sheet is missing from this kit, however i think I will be able to work out from the pattern what colour and what stitch or stitches to use in various areas.

This is the kit:

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 11 April 2021

Just a quick post tonight

I was up early in order to get ready to go to the Doctor's surgery (not my local one as they did not have any appointments left (I was invited in yesterday by text).  I was given the option of going to another surgery within the group and os ended up at the surgery in Whittlesey. OH could not get the Sat Nav to work, and so we ended up winging it and asking a local as to where the surgery was situated.  We made it with a few minutes to spare. All was dealt with very professionally.

On the way back OH treated us to a Kentucky and since then we have been pottering about the house, doing various chores and also catching up on the Internet.  Unfortunately I did not get to the embroidery again.  Will try to get back on track tomorrow.

I have taken things easy as a result of having the injection, but like yesterday I felt brighter than I have been doing.  The new regime with the alarm and the pill taking at a different time seems to be working as well.  I am still drinking copious amounts of water rather than having any pop or lemonade.  Have put my foot down on this, much as I love it.  Have to be sensible.

We have had various snow showers throughout the day with at one point the snow settling.  The sun has been out at stages, but it is another cold day.  I do hope things warm up soon as I have a lot of things to do especially outside.

Tomorrow is going to be another early day.  OH has plans to go to the caravan again.  I will not be joining him as I have chores here to get out of the way.  I am hoping that he will go fishing soon, as that will give me time either to play with the crafting or do some jobs in the house whilst he is out of the way.  Which is sometimes easier in the long run as he doesn't do well when he cannot get to things easily and becomes a tad grumpier than usual.  Unfortunately me tidying often means that I make a mess to start with to get everything sorted and put away.  

One of my main chores is to clean the fridge out tomorrow so that it can be restocked in due course.  I need to get things like butter and lard and margarine topped up.    I also have some dehydrating to do amongst other things.  

As usual there is always something to do and I do not need to look far to find stuff to do, it normally finds me.

I have all sorts of plans to do stuff as usual, but will see whether I can get to it quickly.  Sometimes obstacles are put in the way.

Right am off to do some further pottering.

Catch you later.



Saturday, 10 April 2021

Hello Everyone


Very sad news yesterday of Prince Philip's passing.  Thank you for your selflessness and service to this little country.  May you rest in peace sir.

I met him as a little girl.  I would be about five to six years old at the time.  The Queen paid a first visit to the Junior School I attended and we had been pre-warned how to behave when the Queen arrived and much was made of her visit.  No one mentioned the Prince though.  I with my peers were trying to see the Queen doing walkabout outside of the school and this gentleman stopped and started talking to me about whether we attended the school and how long had we been there and various other questions.  Mum who had my brother with her as he was not of school age was over the other side of the street and was quite chuffed.  Needless to say when I got home there was an inquisition as to what had been said and what had not. I had not really known who he was at the time and shrugged the conversation off as if it was a mere day to day occurrence. What struck me though was that he was friendly and liked talking to children and he was genuinely interested in what we had been doing at the school and in what we had to say.  He was lovely to a shy child (namely me) and that is a memory I will never forget.

I am sorry I have been absent for the past couple of days.  I have been a bit under the weather and have had to revisit one or two issues regarding my health.  I have a couple of new regimes in place and so I can only try them and see if they work in the long term.  If they do not then all I can do is tweak them and try again.  Some of the strategies in place are to drink more water than I have been doing and getting away with the odd drink of pop as much as possible; setting my alarm for medication in the afternoon, and changing the size of my meal, trying not to eat later in the day and to make sure that my bed pillows are higher than they have been. Every so often I tend to get glitches - either something sets them off or my system just does not co-operate.  I am awkward.  I have been resting up though as one of the things I have found out is that if my system is upset it tends to trigger off the fatigue attacks.  I believe that this may be something to do with the fact that when there is inflammation in the system it tends to trigger the body going into overdrive to protect itself.  In other words my system attacks itself. (the main culprit for this is a condition called Sjorgen's Syndrome).  So I am doing my best to remain inflammation free (although you cannot always manage this).  Today has been the first day in ages where I have felt more like my old self and have had a bit of energy.  I have been in bed earlier and I have been eating lighter meals so hopefully this will all assist my system in the longer term.

In any event, I have not done any embroidery for the past week.  Perhaps that is part of the problem!  So there will be no post relating to that this week as it has bee a non event unfortunately.  Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow evening when I am hoping to get stuck in again.

On Thursday we received a delivery of pies from a company called Wilfred's Welsh Pies (Lewis Pies).  We had four varieties of pie arrive Chicken, Pea and Asparagus, (which is self-explanatory), Gower Cwtch, (Steak and Leek with a touch of Horseradish), The Saucy Cow (steak cooked in Ale). Steak and Perl Las which is a steak and Welsh Blue cheese).  These are some of the nicest pies we have ever had with them being full to the brim with tender meat and accompanying ingredients which are very tasty.

They arrived in eco-friendly packaging foil covered and ice packs in situ which I can in turn freeze and use again.  Will be especially useful for OH if and when he goes fishing and also for taking stuff to the caravan and keeping food cold until the fridge fires up that we have in the van.

The first two photos show the box they arrived in and how well they are kept cold.

Separate boxes with the different pies in each box.  We irdered 4 to a box as these varieties were on offer.  All the pies are individually named so that there is no confusion as to what variety they are.

This is how deep the pies are.  They are a generous size.

Lots of tender, lean and tasty meat inside the pie case.

This is not an advertisement, just something that we have found and have liked very much.

The website is here:

Wilfred's Pies (Lewis Pies)

This evening for tea in light of the new regime with food, we have had a spaghetti Bolognese.  I have cooked less than I normally do as well (it will do neither of us any harm).

There were lots of vegetables in the sauce, fresh tomatoes, carrots, onion, celery, fresh spinach and dried kale.  It was very tasty.

I also received an invitation today from the GP Practice to book my second Covid 19 vaccination.  I will be having this tomorrow at about 12:50pm.  It will be good to get that out of the way with.  This is for the Pfizer vaccination.  This time round I have been invited in before OH.  He had the Astra Zeneca so whether they do not have enough stocks of this at the moment or not I am not sure, but OH had his first jab about seven days before I received mine in February.  

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)